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(Chloe Smalls)
25 / Female / Forever Alone
Colorado - United States
Hwi everyone, if you're on my profile, I sure hope you know what you're getting yourself into with me, I can be handful at times, but pwomise to be good.

I'd really like a stern and strict mommy to come keep me under control (in a few ways hehe) but also one that will love me bunchies! c:

I stwill can't pass potty training yet, either.. not even close...

Latest Status

///well, it's been almost 2 weeks since i ordered a new case of diapers (around 50) and they still haven't been shipped. so i went on amazon, used my free trial for super fast shipping and got a small pack of other diapers while i wait. but i also found this AMAZING tie-dye onesie that's crotch snap and i'm SOOOOOO excited for both of them to come. diapers tomorrow and onesie on monday <3
Mood: ecstatic
1  8 hours ago

Latest Questions

Q. Where did you go Little One?
A. I'll be back a little later, i sowwy, weal life calls for a bit.
 24 hours ago

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Hehe such a Good Girl <3 keep being good for mommy
Sep 16th 2020 19:20

No Your The Bestest~
Sep 16th 2020 19:01

My Baby Girl <3
Sep 16th 2020 18:54

Such A Good Girl!~
Sep 16th 2020 18:49