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(Savannah West)
26 / Female / Single
California - United States
Hey guys! First and foremost I hope you’re doing well! My names Savananh! I’m not new to the site I’ve actually been here for several years now. Roleplaying has and always will be my get away. I love creating stories with the amazing people that I meet here! Writing has always been my passion and I hope you can add me and we can get a story going as well!

Favorite Person In The World? @Desparr

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Thank you
Aug 31st 2019 17:12

miss you lots!
Jul 30th 2019 12:07

Hey! Miss you!
May 17th 2019 09:55

hey there thanks for accepting.
Mar 1st 2019 19:52

Voicemail to Angel.

"You know I haven't seen you in like 800 million years, right? Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. I was somehow there, and you were there, and now I'm all depressed because dinosaurs aren't around and you aren't, either. Angel, hit a guy up already. Sheesh."
Jan 19th 2019 16:16

Thank you, my friend.
May 26th 2018 22:48

Much. I just got back from mudding.
May 26th 2018 22:41

As am I.
May 22nd 2018 22:59

But of course I am.
May 22nd 2018 22:14

Is the rp as you wish it?
May 22nd 2018 22:10