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19 / Female / Single
Illinois - United States
Hi Loves!
I'm Sammy and here to make friends and have a good time meeting all of you! I can't wait to get roleplaying! Friendly admin so feel free, I don't bite *wink*. I have 5+ years of roleplaying experience and love any good romance plot.

I am a submissive female and looking for a good dominant male to roleplay with. I have some plots, but always open to new and fun ideas!

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be careful what you wish for..
2  Nov 25th 2020 14:54

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I missed you too <3
8 hours ago

You're far too kind, love!
Nov 25th 2020 19:32

Great writer - creative and descriptive. I really love our roleplay :)
Nov 23rd 2020 15:38

Thanks! So are you :) I'm loving it too <3
Nov 11th 2020 11:14

Thanks for accepting! Message me anytime :)
Oct 30th 2020 10:04