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PoisonIvy's Blog

Ivy's Wrath

Pamela found herself lost in her routine this evening if anything the plants she tended to and spoke with calmed her stirred up mind over recent events that occurred. Once again, she left for a good few moments and Gotham laughed and thought that nature didn't fight back.

While she tried keeping herself company the newswoman and her voice with the headline kept running through her head.

"Gotham is clearing trees and expanding its shopping district."

Every time this echoed she would become more and more upset, she finally would sit down in a huff but then gain an idea. Ivy had also heard that there would be an opening ceremony and while she was thinking of this she also thought of another thing which was of course vengeance.

"Of course mama won't let her children down."

Ivy would say proudly, and of course, her plants would almost move as if they were listening she then would stand up and prepare for war.


GOTHAM 8:00 P.M.


Ivy went undercover in order to fully gain access to every section of this event, she managed to easily seduce one of the highest figures in the city line of construction which honestly she saw coming construction men weren't highly respected by her especially ones that don't seem to care about what she loved the most.

Through the whole evening, she was ignored by him and the others, of course, Ivy at first would try the less aggressive method first but every ounce of laughter which was received from this was in return turned into her wrath.

She was angry and waiting this was almost like someone waiting for a good hunt or an animal looking at its prey she played the part very well.


GOTHAM 10:30


The ceremony was coming to a close which meant it was time for action Ivy was merely sitting at the table when suddenly her date managed to stand up for congratulations and fall to his death.

She would then stand up after people gasped in terror and smile proudly she knew what she had to do next and she would do it even if it meant going back to the Asylum.

"I was hurt for quite some time now.."

Ivy said letting her forces take over every bit of nature was moving forward, vines were curling around ankles until they snapped and if one tried to run they got dragged and buried in the bark.

This was the wrath of an upset mother they in her mind abuse what she gave birth to and mixed in with Ivy's insanity this was gruesome.

"Don't you all know that nature always wins?"

Ivy would say proudly, and then within moments of hearing sirens and authorities coming and fearing what they saw Ivy was nowhere to be found she, in fact, was in her hideaway watching the news now while feeling that she did right.

But within moments she would sigh, of course, the bat signal was open she may except a visit from him next, but for now, she would let Gotham view her wrath.
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