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28 / Female / Single
California - United States

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Thank you for accepting/or sending me a friend request.  

My name is Olympia Mikaelson. I am the daughter of Elijah Mikaelson and a Were-tiger Queen named Rayna Olympia Andreas. I guess you can say I was named after my Mother. My Mother died and left me at the doorstep of my Father's and his siblings, home. I was found by my Half-Uncle Klaus with a letter adressed to my Father and I. I grew up with my half-Cousin Hope Mikaelson, at the Boarding School, until I was kidnapped, well captured, whatever. I was tortured and left in cages, until one day, they just shot me.  They left me, and after a few days, I came back to life, and killed them, then escaped, traveling around and helping others, as I made my way back home. 

Now I am a Hybrid, Half Vampire and Half Tiger. I have so much to learn still and do, this story is just beginning. Wanna help make it better? 

Let's write!!


⚜️ I write in the Third-person

⚜️  I write in a group forum on here

⚜️ I  write only Multi-Novella (300 Words or more)

⚜️ If you have any questions, please ask.

⚜️ I am discord Friendly (Just ask for it)

⚜️ I am also very RPG friendly too!!

Aug 28th 2021 22:11

Sep 7th 2019 10:07