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24 / Female / Single and Looking
Kristianstad, Sweden
«Well well, hello there. You've wandered into the deepest, darkest and most mysterious profile on the interweb, so I would suggest you take precautions while here.»

Welcome to my profile, sincerely. I am Felicia, but you can call me just about anything you see fit. I have been on this site for a while and would consider myself a semi-experienced roleplayer, and I prefer writing at least 2-12 lines, depending on the scenario and person I'm roleplaying with.

I would gladly roleplay with just about anyone, and of you're up for a roleplay, look through my blog. There, I have plots and characters I will preferrably use.

//Ever your slave, Felicia

Latest Questions

Q. We could start a new rp if you want
A. Then we do
 Feb 11th 2019 07:42

CoolDude asked the question
Q. What's inside your closet ;)
A. My closet? Well, I don't have a closet. I have a drawer with clothed. Bit in our roleplay, I know You're there~
 Jan 2nd 2019 08:59

Latest Comments

Everything okay?
Feb 26th 2019 09:04

That and I just want to know how’s it going for you
Feb 10th 2019 17:06

Hi! How’s it going?
Feb 10th 2019 16:36

We still rping?
Jan 5th 2019 13:58

Hi! Merry late Christmas
Dec 26th 2018 18:03

hey, were you still hoping to get an rp worked out? ;o
Sep 26th 2018 11:22

It’s not cards!
Sep 4th 2018 14:10

Aug 29th 2018 15:13

I guest we could try
Aug 27th 2018 06:46

No nothing at all
Aug 25th 2018 18:37