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30 / Female / In Love
Pennsylvania - United States
A writer in life, looking to shake off the dust and polish my craft, push myself and work on my weak areas.

And why not have a little fun while doing that. If, while writing with me, you have any constructive critics please let me know. All I ask is please be kind about it, I do have feelings, but I do want to get better.

Though I typically make up new characters for each roleplay, I sometimes have characters pop into my head that I want to play with but don't have a role play for. So I will put them in the blogs in the hope that maybe one will catch someone's eye and they will want to play with them.

Before starting a role play with me, I just ask that you read this blog post:

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Dinoguy asked the question
Q. Rp? I forgot what you said last time
A. Sure. I am always up to rp.
 Mar 22nd 2017 00:25

Dinoguy asked the question
Q. What to rp
A. Sure.
 Mar 14th 2017 02:18

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Know that feeling
May 3rd 2017 08:43

How have you been doing?
May 2nd 2017 12:26