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PipinStraus's Blog

Rin Yamamoto

Name: Rin Yamamoto
Gender: Male
Age:17 or older depends on rp
Sexual Orientation: homosexual
Occupation: hero in training
Height: 5’3
Weight: 115 pounds
Hair Color: brown
Hair Type: straight
Eye Color: brown
Skin Color: pale
Nationality: Japanese
School: UA High
Year: depends on rp
Distinguishing Features: his tiger like ears he hides under his hood and tail
Hero/Villain Profile
Hero/villain Name: TigerStripes
Costume: he still needs help creating one
Quirk: ability to turn into a tiger and has the characteristics of a tiger
Weapons: his claws and teeth
Likes: meat and fish, milk, shiny things, he’s very cat like
Dislikes: classes, not being able to hear anything, chaos
Habits: chewing on his hoodie strings, uniform, just chewing on stuff
Fears: dogs, heights, losing someone close
Family: He was adopted
Romantic Interests: Kirishima
Allies: UA, hero’s
Rivals: ehhh
Enemies league of villains
Physical Weaknesses: his tail, ears
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses:
Health: Hes deaf
Name of your quirk: Tiger
Description: he has the ability to turn into a tiger, and have characteristics of a tiger
What age did you obtain it: 5
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Nickname(s): none unless your character gives him one
Date of Birth:June 4th
Place of Birth: England
World/Universe: N/A

Weight:123 pounds
Body Type: On the thin side with toned muscles
Skin Tone: pale
Facial Shape:
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Style:Long black hair
Tattoos/Piercings/Scars?: Norse tattoos on his arms
Dress: reference image
Accessories: hair decorations

Personality: personality depends because he can be bubbly, playful and happy but then do a 180 and be completely sexual, ruthless, dark
Likes: Sitting in the grass fields, animals, raw meat, hunting, sweets
Dislikes:Broccoli, haggis (I know it’s Scottish but he lived there before), messes, shoes (he has claws so they ruin shoes)

Parents: no
Other Relatives:no
Best friend:no
Significant Other/Crush:yes
Pets:yes, many different animals

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Pipin Straus

General Information:

Full Name: Pipin Farlan Straus
Nickname(s):Pip, Pips, Pipin
Place of Birth: Copenhagen
Date of Birth: September 3rd
Species/Race: human/shapeshifter (depends on rp))

Appearance: Image

Weight:118 pounds
Skin Color:peach
Hair Color: Ginger
Hair Style:short and messy
Eye Color: Red
Clothing: depends on rp
Accessories: 3 piercings on both ears

Fighting: he’s pretty bad at fighting but he tries it anyways because he’s stubborn

Relationships: depends on rp

Family: Yes
Love Interest/Crush: yes
Friends/Allies: yes
Enemies: yea


Pipin has always been a strange and wild guy, personality wise. He always asked the strangest questions and just questioned everything. If told too do something he would basically question too why they did it. It caused him to not make many friends as a kid which made him grow too not really care too make any towards the future. If they don’t like him for him then so be it. Though he does care for those who are his friends, if someone gets passed the quirkiness and becomes his friend he’s basically loyal for life unless you do him dirty

Other Information:
Health wise hes Bipolar but it’s usually manageable, I rp bipolar disorder as accurate as possible because I myself have it so I know what it’s like. It’s my perception of how I deal with it. Don’t worry it’s not over done or romanticized

Likes: Going outside, teasing, sleeping, he enjoys hiding from people when they look for him because he had a childlike personality
Dislikes: The cold, the dark, needles or doctors, certain foods like green vegetables
Habits: chewing on his thumb, shirt, sleeve
Fears: the dark, heights,
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