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The names Pipin Straus. I’m pretty laid back and I’m not exactly strict on things when it comes too rp though I do have a few rules

1. No god moding or anything like that, controlling my character

2. No illegal stuff, like incest or underaged things. That’s gross and I don’t like it. Please don’t ask

3. My characters are usually all sub or a soft switch, they never top please don’t ask okay? Though don’t let the sub term fool you. They aren’t babies.

4. Have fun and let’s make an rp together? I can rp fandoms as well! My oc if you allow OCs can adapt too any fandom I know like MHA, AOT, etc

My character Pipin can be Female if need too be! Though I prefer MxM I can do MxF! I only do MxF if I’m the Female!

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Anyone wanna do a non romantic anime about brothers? I don’t know why but it sounds like a cute concept
1  Jan 21st 2021 00:06

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