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28 / Female / Married
Vancouver, Canada
Hey :) Thanks for dropping by. I have been role playing for several years but however took a break with my bestie. We began searching high and low for a fun site to unleash our creativity until we found this site.

My family
@Creza11 My real life bestie who is basically my little sister mess with her and you'll see snapping

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A gift for my treasure I love you Holly -hands over Wrapped item-
Oct 23rd 2020 12:03

I'm good how are you Hol's...
Jun 7th 2020 14:52

Hey baby -chris
Jun 7th 2020 14:24

Happy Valentine's Day my love...
Feb 14th 2020 18:37

I got something for you it is a little early but there will be something waiting for you day of My lovely wife..
Feb 12th 2020 01:00

-Chris hands her a freshly picked sunflower and says- I love you- he kisses her cheek as he past her the flower.
Jan 8th 2020 00:22

Morning babe Merry Christmas how are you today?
Dec 25th 2019 10:36

Merry Christmas eve
Dec 24th 2019 18:02

Hey Hol's -Chris
Dec 15th 2019 22:32