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Quick DNI thing

And literary anyone who is -Ist and -Phobic, racist, homophobic, islamphobic, transphobic, etc don’t speak to me if you are any of those things
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Donna Drinkard

Donna Drinkard

DOB: February, 1958

Donna’s personality is that shes extroverted but reserved. She has crafted some skills to be a seamstress and a good cook to bring people near her. She is very forgiving to those who hurt her and allowing them to grow but will leave them if no positive change is coming, within a reasonable amount of time.

Growing up she lived with her mother, her father not around and leaving other unknown siblings of Donna. Her mother wasn’t to good to her, being left alone for days on end with barely enough food with only her grandmother to come by to check on her once every few weeks. In her teens once her mother got her life together, Donna’s father came around and Married her mother, moving across the reserve to a slightly bigger house with a farm and many siblings and cousins (16 brothers and sisters) (8 cousins).

Donna in her twenties works as a city bus driver and part time security guard. In her early thirties, she gets an opportunity for a scholarship and gets a degree in social work. So her job depends on what age she is in rp.

(Still kinda needs refining)
(Or alot) (look at that drawing, looks sh*t but I love it)
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