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(Queen Pikushi)
16 / Female / Single
Oh we pixies are everywhere!, Canada
Hello there I am Queen Pikushi, but please just call me Pikushi! I am the ruler of the pixies! We are quite friendly but some of us do like to play small pranks here and there! We pixies are here to serve for anyone who needs us ( ex: King, Queen, Princess, Prince, Elf, Fairy, Goblin, Dwarf etc etc)! As the Queen of the Pixies I am here to assist you in your quest or journey when times seem hard! If you need the helping hand of a pixie, just simply travel to a mountain, any mountain will do, and you will find a cave, where you will then find a small hand-held bell, ring it nine times and a pixie who can help shall appear! Good luck on your quest or journey!

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My oh my! How horrid indeed! Hello my friends! I’m sorry for disappearing! There were some serious matters that I had to deal with in the real world! Please forgive me!
Mood: anxious
1  Nov 25th 2020 10:02

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Oct 29th 2020 00:32