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(Ogórki Hedgehog)
30 / Male / Single
My only rule is, if you see something you don’t like in my replies/starters, you TELL ME! Nothing pisses me off more than people who say you can start but then block you with no reason given.

“Hi! I’m Ogórki the Hedgehog!”

Being Polish, he will occasionally speak in it, I’ll always provide translations though!

Ogórki is obsessed with pickles, a Polish hedgehog who is the mascot/spokesman for pickles in the country, obsessed with his work to the point that they are almost the only thing he eats.

Like Sonic & Shadow, Ogórki has the power of super speed & high jumping. Also, like other hedgehogs, he can do the Spin Dash & Spin Jump moves, although he hasn’t been seen using either of these yet. He seems to have decent physical strength, although he’s no stronger than Sonic. Unlike most hedgehogs, Ogorki can breathe fire. When heavily damaged, he can morph into his dragon form, Gurkon. But he still retains his consciousness, so won’t go on rampages.

Unfortunately, he is a womanizer…..

If you give him a spicy pickle, he will love you!

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