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23 / Female / Single
Kentucky - United States

Latest Comments

sorry been busy lately
Jan 13th 2019 07:30

I like your profile picture (its Megurine Luka!)
Jan 12th 2019 11:43

I love rping with you ^^
Jan 10th 2019 14:55

Okay, that's fine!
Jan 9th 2019 20:29

Dec 31st 2018 20:33

Was the spam necessary XD) ok, il let u continue on ur work *i smile*
Dec 4th 2018 16:56

Would u like some help or would u prefer doing it by urself?
Dec 4th 2018 16:48

Hmmmm......can we have pizza tonight?
Dec 4th 2018 09:38

Oh ok, make urself feel at home. I hope u enjoy it here
Dec 4th 2018 07:52

Want me to take those boxes off u? They look pretty heavy
Dec 4th 2018 01:42