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(Silas Eastman)
19 / Male / Single
Virginia - United States
Wellp, sup ladies and gents. To get started, I'm just me so well ya deal with it. I'm not gonna make this long so Imma keep it short. I don't discriminate race, sexuality, religion etc. You all matter you all bleed the same blood I do and you all cry the same as I do so don't feel like you gotta change yourself just be you because that's what I like most about people. As for women I know the stuff you go through which is why I'm fluent and when you're having a bad day don't be afraid to talk I'm there and as for men if you got stuff going on take it out on me all my life I've felt pain in many forms so don't be afraid just let it out. Anyways that's mainly all I gotta say as for RP bring it on I'm fine with whatever you got in store and i'll make it as non-boring as I can.

Latest Questions

Rilly asked the question
Q. Are you sure you really want to?
A. It's been ages since we last did it so might as well
 Jun 18th 2020 21:25

Rilly asked the question
Q. Really!? Yay!! :D
A. Ok sorry it took a while lets rp
 Jun 18th 2020 20:47

Latest Comments

Are you bored with our rp??
Nov 22nd 2020 14:58

I hope you come back soon but if you get busy I understand.
Jun 1st 2020 19:24

Btw, this is for you to whenever you start missing your mom because just remember she's always with you and she can always see you. :) *BIG HUGS*
May 30th 2020 19:27

Here, even if you're ready to take your turn now I figured that I would still give you the link. :)
May 27th 2020 18:34