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Phantom's Blog

Rules & Expectations

R U L E S :
1. No one-liners. I find them to be pathetic.
2. Do not be dry. Do not message me with a simple "hi". At least have something to say.
3. Put effort into the role-play, please. If I feel you're losing interest, I will cease to reply.
4. Understand that I'm an adult. I have a life outside of roleplaying. I may not be able to respond as quickly as I want to.
5. p0rn without plot is tasteless and boring.
6. Everyone has a different idea about what Erik is like; do not give unwanted criticism pertaining to my representation of the infamous opera ghost.
7. If I'm not familiar with the fandom your character is from, I understandably won't want to role-play with you.
8. My Phantom is straight; that means no romance with men. I apologize.
9. I either role-play from the first or third person point of view.
10. Smut is allowed, as long as we have a plot as well.
11. Romance is allowed as well, I actually encourage it, though I find romances are so much more entertaining written as a "slow burn".

E X P E C T A T I O N S :
1. I role-play the stage or movie adaptation of Phantom. These are real-life people; I'm expecting you to have a real-life face claim and respect for the arts.
2. I expect you to be familiar with Phantom.
3. I expect you to be familiar with basic grammar rules, punctuation and spelling. I will notify you after many mistakes, though I will be understanding if you either struggle with these things or English is not your first language.
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