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(Oswald Cobblepot)
34 / Male / Single
Gotham City, New York - United States
“Need I remind you...Gotham is my Home...”

The name is Oswald...Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot...believe me when I tell you, a war is coming. I’m one of the few that can see! Don’t you understand that? No, I'm no stranger to the chaos that goes around can ask any old bum on the streets who I am and they will tell you... I'd respect me if I were you!


//Always in character so if you wish to speak with the admin, please use "//" before or after a sentence. Admin is a very friendly person in general so don't be afraid to hit me up!

Latest Comments

Mr Cobblepot...I have a favor to request from you and this one I don't ask lightly of others
Aug 14th 2019 21:45

Well I must say while I'm glad I caught your attention Mr Cobblepot...this is most unusual for you to see any use in a Hybrid shapeshifter like me...after all many have used me and abused me and tossed me out like do I know I can trust you?This is Gotham is rare
Apr 21st 2019 16:47

Apr 21st 2019 01:11

Aww, don't be shy, puddin. It's only me, jeremiahs told me a lot about you. Not as much as he has about Brucie boy though *giggles* but he knows of you and your betrayal to his dearly departed brother. Jeremiah's willing to give you a chance to join him. He might even be able to bring back your mother. Or... Get Ed to love you. *smirks*
Jan 23rd 2019 23:43