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(Kung jo- Nova)
35 / Female / Single and Looking
Osaka, Japan
Kung jo-Nova


Age:100 ( stays young through elements ) 34

Info: Nova is deity of gods fighting for empire of war fighting with kings and queen being exiled for practise elemental magic , nova returns to her homeworld with her mother and father protecting the other world of paradise learning everyday to be at peace training in kung fu , jujitsu , Tai condo with elemental magic occasionally goes out into real world with magic or herbal remedies to heal wounded her parents hope she find husband settle down with kids as nova still wants to learn how to fight before settling down.

Personality: tough, strong , peaceful, sweet

Hobbies: working out, meditation, learning elemental magic , exploring the world , reading , looking for herbal remedies

Sexuality: straight

R/S: Single and looking

18 + anime and martial arts , romance light mature theme

If you have rp idea in mind just let me so we can discuss a plot

Mxf , fxf, fxnb

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