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Peace_Love's Blog

Five minutes.

When everything is over and most friends and relatives left, Jingyi decides to go to her to try to talk.
She is in the tent with Noriyori when he shows up. Mun freezes but not in an uneasy way, Noriyori looks at him, unsure who he is. "Yah, he is so hot you are freezing? It makes sense." She says sarcastically but no one of the two seem to react. "You know what, f*** off." Nori waves her hand off.
Mun starts to look at Jingyi, very coldly. "They left." She points the exit, as to motion him to leave too. He doesn't move though.
"Munah...can we talk?" Jingyi says, lowering his gaze and sighing.
It takes some attempt to convince Mun to talk, also considering Noriyori wasn't on his side but played against. "Just five seconds." Mun says.
"I thought we agreed they were five minutes..." Jingyi mutters with a low voice while heading outside, somewhere isolated. He eventually stops when the place seems fitting and looks at her, bending down. "Slap me, with all your strength..."
Mun crosses her arms, raising an eyebrow. She doesn't do nor say anything.
Jingyi stands up, blinking. He scratches his head and clears his throat. "I feel bad...just hit me and punish me...I am sorry."
She remains completely cold even in front of this. She can feel his guilt but it doesn't touch her. "You. Even having revenge would be a total waste for someone like you."
He covers his face with hands for a moment. "I know you are angry but-..."
"Angry? Maybe when I first realized you ran away with YooJin, abandoning everyone else without a word. I have nothing to tell you nor to do with you anymore."
Jingyi looks down. "Mianhe...I will just apologise for hurting you, at least. I wanted to spoil you only, with lots of good things but I made everything wrong."
She crosses her arms, really looking annoyed, not only making a scene. "What do you exactly want now? Even words are wasted with you."
Jingyi shuts his eyes at her words. " give you my apologises?"
"You gave them. We are done." She aims to walk away.
He remains a little stunned by her coldness but doesn't follow her. Not even he knows exactly what he wanted to get, he would have been happy if she managed to forgive for real and restart.
She returns to the tent and approaches Noriyori, sitting near her. "You spied."
Noriyori raises an eyebrow. "I f***ing heard everything and I am proud of you, bitch." She raises her hand to receive a highfive.
Mun highfives with her, letting out a chuckle. "I suffered enough for that bastard."
"You do." Noriyori sighs. "We are f***ing lonely."
" feels better to be alone." She brings down a glass of soju.
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Damned idiots.

In the evening, she leaves the Imperial Palace as she finishes to work. Very casually, she comes across Liang about to get back in.
''Liang! Shiix Xu, where have you been?'' She bows her head and smiles.
He blinks at the question. ''From my abeoji, I thought I told you...''
''Ye, but...'' She starts to feel stunned, thinking about Yunho and the many times she came across him these days. ''Who is he, then?'' Her eyes widen. ''I thought he was behaving in a too strange way to be you!''
''What are you talking about?'' Liang looks at her, clearly confused.
She keeps pondering about it. ''Liang, I-...'' She gets interrupted by the sudden arrival of Jingyi, that grabs her wrist, maybe too roughly.
''Let's go and talk.'' Jingyi says and tries to walk away, not even wanting to look at Liang or letting them finish the conversation. He is not in the best mood because as expected, he got angry during the conversation with BangSul and Noriyori.
Liang frowns though and stops him, even if Mun didn't complain. ''Will you leave her?'' He gave him a too bad impression to just let Jingyi go.
Mun is surprised by Jingyi's arrival and lets him pull her. Jingyi stops but doesn't leave her wrist, only turns around and looks at Liang threateningly. ''Why should I? She is my person.''
''Change method. She will follow you alone, if she wants to.'' Liang narrows his eyes.
Jingyi leaves her wrist, only because he thinks he will have to punch Liang. ''Don't give me lessons. Instead, stay away from her. She is with me, do you get it?''
''Jingyi, calm down a second...'' She tries to cling to his arm but he pushes Liang.
Never. Attack. Liang. He doesn't even step back and answers with a strong - more than he actually wanted - punch in the belly, then walks away.
''Jingyi!'' She says as he gets punched and approaches.
It caused him to fall back, he places his hand where he got the hit and after snapping out of stun, he lets out a loud groan.
She tries to take a look, worried. ''Let me see! Oh, ani...'' She tries to raise his shirt but he steps back.
''It's ok...''
She places a hand on his arm. ''Let me see.'' She repeats and this time, she uses her power and he obeys. She sees a huge bruise where Liang hit him, it really has a bad shape. ''You have to see a doctor...''
He is confused by what happens, how he had to do what she said, but for now doesn't think about it. ''It was just a punch. Ah...'' He keeps groaning a little, it still hurts. ''Let's go home.'' He walks but rather slowly.
She supports him, wrapping both her arms around his waist. ''You don't ever have to anger Liang...''
''I saw...'' He mutters.
''For real. He is...unstable...'' She sighs, looking down.

She leads him home and also accompanies him to the bedroom. He lies down but takes her hand. ''It is still early. Can we talk? Are you really going to present him to your abeoji? Wasn't he gay? And are you angry at me? Why?''
Mun places her free hand on her forehead, to hold it. ''All the nonsense they wrote you, I'm so sorry...'' She sits down, sighing. ''Mianhe, Noriyori and BangSul had fun over it. But of course I'm angry, you let JaeMin insult me.'' She glances at his belly, that she uncovers. ''Do you have some ice to put on it..?''
''Mianhe, you're so smart and cool...and ye, if they prepared it...check in the kitchen.'' He remains lied down and lets her take care of him.

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She really got offended for what JaeMin said, even being compared to a cow, but what worsened things even more was the fact Jingyi was first acting all jealous but then didn't say anything to JaeMin for the insult.

After leaving the inn, she heads back to work but the break is still long. She returns to the Palace and goes to Noriyori.
When she meets her, she just hugs her, leaving Nori stunned. "Yah, what is this?"
"Mianhe...just a little bit." Mun says, taking a breath.
Nori pats her back. She knows she is annoyingly cuddly and sweet but this never happened. "Something happened?"
"I will tell you about it...did you eat? I need some piggy sweet, order them to serve us peanut butter mochi."
Nori raises an eyebrow. "If you ask me like that."

They basically sit in the garden to devour peanut butter and chocolate mochi. "So what happened?"
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She meets Jingyi again a few hours after, at work. He looks in such a good mood and when he arrives, she can't help but ask. "What you had to do, did it go well?"
Jingyi nods and smiles slightly. "Ye...and did you go home safely?" He places his hands on her shoulders.
Her eyes widen at his behaviour. "What are you doing? We should start working..."
"Ye, ye..." He pats her shoulders and moves his hands away. "Let's work!"

He follows her and stands serious in certain places, while acts playful and relaxed in others. Jingyi is starting to know the Palace too.
Mun, at first, tries to ignore his playful attitude but ends up finding it cute and chuckling.
When it is time for their break... "Do you want to eat together?" He asks, clearing his throat while looking away.
She blinks. Didn't I tell him he had to forget? - she thinks. "I'm eating with my friend..."
"Can't I come?" He lowers his gaze, slightly nervous.
"It would be better not, but...I'll see you in a hour." She bows her head and turns around to walk away. Before to go, she feels something grabbing her. He hugs her from behind. "See you later..."
She breaks free. "Ye, bye!" She waves her hand then hurries to leave, feeling so awkward.

She goes to meet with Noriyori in the garden for lunch. She waits for her when she suddenly receives a magic mail. | Mianhe, I cannot come, let's meet tonight instead! |
She rolls her eyes. "She probably is with her trophy boyfriend." She mutters. "Aigoo... I needed to talk to you!" She sighs and just sits down.
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Bad Mood

In these years, it is not that she remained stuck, thinking about Liang. She had a small crush, he was her friend too, but now she doesn't think about it anymore.
She had some stories and dates but they were all very short. She doesn't understand why, but she doesn't get that kind of feelings for a boy, not even close to love and it is somehow frustrating. She doesn't manage to get tied deeply, or just like them enough.
The Avatar of Sethi that can't love? - she thinks, baffled at herself - they are all happy, with their boyfriends. They are not even similar types but they are fine anyway. Why BaeBee and Noriyori can have such awesome boyfriends and I can't? Ye, I am jealous...why can't anything go well to me? There would be any point in using my powers for this too?

Yes, she is jealous, sad, frustrated. She thinks that maybe it would have been better to stay Priestess. It would have been better than her lack of that kind of feelings or the break ups as soon as they find out who is her father.

After work, she doesn't go home but in a tavern in the city. She enters and starts to drink on her own till late evening. She crawls at home then, half drunk.
It is starting to happen every evening.
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