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22 / Female / Single
Reno, Nevada - United States
In the distant space-fairing days of the human race, it was necessary for the engineering of humans that were capable of surviving and functioning in both deep space, and in uncharted territory. For this, the Pathfinder program was created on June 16th 2270. Genetically altered from their conception, Pathfinders are superior to the normal human in almost every way. Taller, stronger, and possessing intellectual capabilities that far exceed the norm, they are both physically fit to carry out intense labor for extended periods of time, they are also extensively educated in the mechanics of their equipment and vehicles, able to analyze damages or malfunctions at a moment’s notice and repair said damage with provided tools.

Their primary purpose: Scouting. Before any expansion, Pathfinders are sent far beyond, where they will assess planetary bodies, and determine if they are fit for colonization. However, they are often used as soldiers, if need be.

In this age, first contact has yet to be established with any race. Humanity has begun to fear that they are in fact truly alone in the universe, unknowing of the many races, and empires that exist just beyond humanity’s vision. The Pathfinders will surely be the first to encounter these species, and they are better suited to do so than anyone else. Be they faced with adversity, or with open arms (or other accepting appendages).