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Stix, United States
Ⱨ₳₱₱Ɏ Ⱨ₳ⱠⱠØ₩ɆɆ₦!! I'm ᘉᓍᐺᗩ its nice to meet you lovely's I'm a Anime,Furry, Fantasy, and Cute Things R̷o̷l̷e̷-̷P̷l̷a̷y̷e̷r̷!!


1.No N*FW dats for close people only sowwie!

2.Be nice I'm fragile.. QWQ

3.I'm agere but I'm not kink in any sort its my way for comfort so please don't be dirty! :D

4.I'm agender Meh.XD

5. I'm mostly multi, semi, to paragraph depends on my mood at that time..

6.I don't always want to role-play I'm also here for friends! :3
Thank you!!! Wove Nova ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

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