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(Lucina Lowel)
20 / Female / Single
Fire Emblem is my main schtick but I also like getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things. Playbys I also frequent are Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Super Smash Brothers. If you have a playby in mind and I don't happen to know anything about it, I would be happy to learn about it in anyway I can if that is fine with you.

I go from one-liners to multi-para but struggle with novella. Despite this, if you want a novella rp it is totally fine with me but just expect to get replies a lot later sorry!

I consider myself bisexual and tend to lean towards FxF rps but I won't shy away from a MxF or a MxM (Yaoi is great~)

@Airi03 - Longest running Rp so far and I have not gotten bored of it at all. Super great roleplayer and from what I've seen, a very nice person as well. Talking to her and rping with her makes me very happy! Just know that if you get on her bad side it won't end well for you ;3

@Username - Super nice guy and which I have a great engaging rp with. Give him a request if you want a compelling rp!

@JennyCrimson - Gweat rper and fun to be awound~ Though the time difference between me and her can be unbearable at times she's never failed to make my day with her replies. Also somebody you don't wanna mess with if you don't want your nico nico kneekaps broken in your sleep ;3

@Phunny - Compelling rper and really interesting and sweet person. Honestly the things she does in our rp really show her devotion and that makes my heart melt. If you're reading this btw I love you

Latest Questions

Q. Welcome back btw. :3
A. Thanks :3
 Sep 11th 2019 15:57

Q. How do you like our Rp?
A. I like it quite a bit! Why, are you unsatisfied with it? We could start a new one if you'd like ^^^
 Jan 9th 2019 17:02

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What mde you think i would want lyndis
Mar 9th 2020 14:09

Feb 28th 2020 14:20

Am back ^~^
Feb 27th 2020 12:03

Love roleplaying with you~! ^^
Jul 24th 2019 02:45

Let's rp
Jun 11th 2019 19:07

Hey, are you there?
May 30th 2019 23:01

I'll work on things now, commander. ^3^
Jan 29th 2019 01:44

x3 I've noticed that while I was at work when thinking of a response. Well, I---shouldn't break FE lore--too much since my character is actually..ahem, not strong like Grima.
Jan 29th 2019 00:55

Then again, I was thinking a good way to respond without sounding overpowering or anything/dealing with Risen Chrom. ;o;
Jan 29th 2019 00:47

I do too! <3 Very much! I'll start responding probably after I finish gaming/stream. xD
Jan 29th 2019 00:47