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(Paradox Sovrano)
19 / Female / Single
Kansas - United States
(Character Info taken from Apocalyptic RP)
Name: Paradox
Last name: Sovrano
Nicknames: Para, Dox, Doc
Age: 19
Gender: female
Sexuality: pansexual
Height: 5 foot 3 inches
Weight: 126 lbs
Race: italian/greek
Eye color: mossy green
Hair color: Black
Accent: italian
Known languages: english, italian, spanish
Voice: rich and velvety smooth, calm but stern, switches between cold and seductive depending on who she is talking to
Hair style: down to hips, sometimes wavy, sometimes curly.
Skin color: medium ivory
Body shape: defined hourglass, fit and proportional, nice ass and D cup
Special skills: art, stealth, rational thinking, psychology, boxing, lock picking.
Tattoos: Scattered across arms, legs, and back. Most relevant is the Il Sovrano mark on her forearm.
Piercings: bottom lip, eyebrow, and tongue.
Clothing style: anything she can find that is fit for survival.
Likes: music, quiet, booze, blood, swimming, stars
Dislikes: people who talk a lot, people who get in her way.
Fears: fire
Religion: agnostic (doesn't care)
General intelligence: extremely sharp
Illnesses (if any): OCD, PTSD, Pleurisy
Habits: running fingers through hair, biting lip, twisting ring
Weapon of choice: mace, chains, really anything that does damage.
Love interests: none so far
Backstory: ❂