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(Penny L)
18 / Female / In a Relationship
Haha No, Colorado - United States
~Work in Progress~
BLOG [Sorry I'll post characters and plot concepts soon!]
PROFILE [My vision incomplete.]
RULES [I have the most important listed below.]

Gay panic? More like PAN QUAKE AHAHAHAHA


//Hi, there! My name is lost in the void of time, but you can call me Penny. I'm a panromantic cisgender female with... a little bit of ADHD and a lot of personality... I guess. I've been roleplaying for somewhere close to 8 years now and most especially enjoy multi-para, though I will roleplay anything between semi-para and novella. If that didn't scare you away, feel free to message me and we can discuss a plot, maybe?//

˜”*°•.˜”*°• RULES •°*”˜.•°*”˜

✦ Please Do Not Godmode ✦
This is a pretty simple rule, and therefore, self explanatory.

✦ Respect My Boundaries ✦
While I will roleplay a large selection of urm... *coughs* topics, if I am not comfortable with something, that is where the idea dies.

✦ Please Don't Rush Replies ✦
Like many of you, I've got real-life adult things to do, so please be patient and allow me time to reply, however, when I'm active replies are swift and sweet.

✦ Be Respectful ✦
In or out of the DMs, hateful and ignorant speech will not be tolerated and you will be blocked.

//With that, I hope to hear from you soon, loves!//

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