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20 / Male / Its Complicated
Forest, Be my guest - Egypt

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Heya, im an oc only roleplayer, im a sucker for romance and fantasy with a bit of darker themes to it.

My main character is Pamchi (my pfp) i'll make a blog about him so i invite you to go check it once it's made.

I have a main plot i want to do, which is;
Y/N is a predator beastman walking throught the forest, and he ends up finding a young sheep man, Pamchi.
For the details it's up to you, is your character twisted and mean? Or maybe just some nice awkward guy that is gonna try to help him?

I'll of course do other plots, so don't be shy if you have an idea ! Im very open minded and can do very dark like very sweet stuff with little to no limits.

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