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25 / Female / In Like
                              just your regular mom who got stuck in a zombie infested city.
                              zion's mother, Michael Jackson's ex-wife. ikr?
                              artist and dancer by day, i kill zombies with @Survivalist
                              at night. [ Resident Evil oc !!! ] . 1 dog, 5 cats.
                               Leon Scott Kennedy is the love of my life
                               i wouldn't really have a gun until leon gave me one
                               but if you ever decide to f*** with me i always have it with me
                              and i shot somebody already, so don't think about it.
                             hannah she/her
                             shrek's mistress
                             contact me in:
                             discord : YEEEEEHAW S. KENNEDY#2399
                             ooc account : @rxse

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PRIDE asked the question
Q. / hannah ily
A. / ily too alex bb
 Feb 15th 2019 02:08

Q. TBH -- you are the kinda of person that always loves with their whole heart. We need more people like that.
A. uwu anton my dear amigo thank you so mucj my heart this is sweet suenfidmdjmsi
 Feb 11th 2019 20:07

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My, my~ aren't you the luckiest around to be encountering the most richest, handsomest, and most skilled man in Albion! Oh that’s just wonderful, stupendous even. Now, why won't you join me and my lovely guests during tonight's party? Today is the anniversary of when I started hosting these little delightful gatherings, it'd be such a shame for such a beautiful face like yours not to be present, wouldn't it, dear? Now, I do believe I’ve talked enough. Although I do know you just adore hearing my voice. Tatty bye ~ ♡
Apr 15th 2019 10:28

n o u
Apr 11th 2019 22:15

You got me so hungry now haha
Mar 24th 2019 10:13

Oh thank you. XD
Feb 4th 2019 08:01

Pop? XD
Feb 4th 2019 07:59

can i keep ur baby pls
Jan 19th 2019 23:28