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No fault of my own

You finally decided to give me a chance to show you how much you meant to me. A deal that meant so much to me. One date was all i asked for you agreed as long you paid for it. I made the deal but you had to come with an open mind and you agreed. I had everything planned and everything was in place my heart was filled with hope and joy. A chance to make you smile if only once.

Something happened i was preparing to let you go. I remembered my Eomma saying if you love something let it go then if it loves you it will return when ready. BUT then everything went to sh*t. I dont know what happened until my friends said some things that weren’t true about you and you said things back. Everyone got really upset. BUT IT IS ME WHO LOST EVERYTHING. ME WHO LOST THE CHANCE TO PROVE TO YOU I COULD MAKE YOU HAPPY. ME WHO NOW SITS HEARTBROKEN. no one had a right to get involved upset or worried or not. IT IS YOU I LOST YOU WHO IS NO BROKEN YOU WHO WILL NEVER TRUST ME AGAIN

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Meeting Min

Meeting Min

Jimin wasn’t expecting any text messages from strangers that night but suddenly when a stranger’s number popped up on the screen saying he was sent by a friend Jimin was shocked. The stranger who happened to look a lot like him have the same birthday and the same name helped him through a difficult spot with advice. Even after the advice they continue to talk it seems like they’ll be good friends and Jimin needs all the friends he can get especially ones with life experience.

Jimin’s thoughts-Honestly I thought it was a prank considering how alike we are in looks but we are different he is very brave and strong and gives good advice and seems to know the world right. I am lucky to have met him and I hope that we have many years friendship ahead of us
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Moving in with Yoongi

Moving in with Yoongi

Jimin would be lying if he turnround and said that this would’ve been an easy thing not with the way that his feelings were. He knew he was an adult he could control his feelings and his thoughts if he had to but being around Yoongi he always wanted one thing. To make the other smile. Yes on the train there been some tension to the point that Jimin kissed the other and he cried telling him he clearly wasn’t ready for a relationship. Jimin wasn’t trying to push the other into a relationship he just wanted him to know that he had feelings for him and he was there if you ever wanted to reciprocate them.

Once at the house he met Holly a cute little dog that Jimin instantly fell in love with and refused to put down once he got him in his arms. After a little issue between the 2 males the moving truck came and jimin began to unpack and then Yoongi came to help him. Then after Yoongi becoming upset jimin decided to go and have a drink but was stopped by the older male.

Jimins thoughts- I know he doesn’t want to relationship and I’m not pushing him into them I just want him to know that okay and if you chooses to be in a relationship i will be him.
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Meeting Sukie

Well how did jimin meet the JYP trainee.
He was just walking around bumped into her. He found it easy to talk to her but he was always able to talk more to girls cause him being gay. When she found out about his ex he told Jimin it would be dealt with. He is proud to call her his best girl friend and have her around cause she helps him sort his head and feelings out.

Jimins thoughts-She is a gem. I am going to call her my body guard I believe. She is so helpful and caring i am glad i bumped into her
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Flashback 1

Jimin had worked at the bar now for a year. He saw what horrible man his boss was. He had witnessed people being beat for not doing their job correctly. a girl even went missing for quitting.

He never laid a hand on Jimin though until that day. Jimin was in the middle off a performance when he slipped and hit the stage his head smacking hard off the stage. Jimin being the sweet heart he was girls and guy staff rushed to help him and get him off the stage. One of the girl who’s stage name was daisy got him a ice pack and hugged him. He was so embarrassed he cried while she rocked him gently all the others giving him words of comfort. But then mr Lin and his son Walked in “leave us now” he said firmly

Daisy refuses to move and Jimin clings to her. “Mr Lin he is only young give him another chance before you teach him a lesson” she says standing infront of him. “Move whore” Mr Lins son Jooyoung snaps. She shook her head then suddenly Mr Lin smacked her so hard around the face her lip split. She fell to the floor and Jimin rushes to help her only to be punched in the stomach.

Mr Lin smirks “the clingy baby thought he would help, your just a broken baby boy Park Jimin stop thinking with your heart your just a pretty body and handsome face someone as low as you will never be loved” he smacks Jimin around the face.
“Jooyoung show Jimin why he needs to be a good boy he will be waiting tables until he heals” Mr lin grabbed daisy and walked out.

Jimin got three broken ribs, a split lip and a black eyes. Also a few cuts on his face. And he told him Eomma he was mugged
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3 | 0 Comments | Feb 8th 2020 06:57