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(Park Jimin)
24 / Male / Single
Korea (South)
Hey I am Jimin

Waiter by day
Collage student
With daddy issues

Best friend @GOODAY
Bestie girl pal @SUKIE

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More filters i think i found my thing
8  7 hours ago

Latest Questions

otaku asked the question
Q. You’re not pathetic.
A. I feel it
 Feb 12th 2020 20:21

otaku asked the question
Q. I’m leaving work now. I will even pick up alcohol so you can drink too but you will drink inside where I know you’re safe. Okay?
A. Ok. Thank you. Am I pathetic guk.
 Feb 12th 2020 19:57

Latest Comments

Do you hate me...?
Feb 17th 2020 17:05

Feb 17th 2020 15:53

I like it
Jan 16th 2020 13:15

So demanding ;) I'll be there you have my word
Jan 16th 2020 13:12

Yes. I genuinely am.
Jan 16th 2020 12:56

Ok, I'll pick you up at 4pm. Where something casual and cosy.
Jan 16th 2020 12:52

Mhm, i go there a lot to de-stress and usually I'm alone but i want to take you there.
Jan 16th 2020 12:38

I know of a like lake house cafe, you can see the beach, we can even go for a walk, get some food. It's very secluded and i know the owner so it'll just be the two of us.
Jan 16th 2020 12:34

I will Jiminie. I know the perfect place.
Jan 16th 2020 12:30

Be mine? I'll take you on a date.
Jan 16th 2020 12:25