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30 / Male / In Love
Hollywood Hills, California - United States
        ALEXANDER DAVID TURNER : ' rock god . . . dracula . . . elvis presley'
        .. born in sheffield england on january sixth nineteen ninety, don't make fun of my yorkshire accent, if you can even understand what i'm saying. as you can see, i'm a capricorn, so i dislike everyone and everything. we're all gonna die anyway, so what's the point of liking people? yes, i'm emo. it's not just a phase, mum. lana del rey wrote california about me and that says a lot.
      +&. i'm the frontman of the least indie indie band to ever exist, arctic monkeys. i make music to cry to, give us a listen if you're into sad lyrics and absurd metaphors. quick flex : won an endless amount of awards, headlining every festival, loved by queen elizabeth, david bowie, paul mccartney, and most importantly, stole your girlfriend
        .. i'm a multi millionaire and i like to spend my money on cocaine, champagne, caviar and designer clothes.
     kik : proudimpalaowner

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Last night after The Strokes gig in Paris.
Mood: happy
12  2 hours ago

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Q. gonna make u get "liar" shaved into the side of ur head
A. New persona for am7
 22 hours ago

igirl asked the question
A. Finally
 Feb 15th 2020 17:19

Latest Comments

Faaairrrr. Is it everything u expected n more???
22 hours ago

HAHAHHAHA omg why do u like the Strokes so much
22 hours ago

did i scare u off..................
23 hours ago

No bitch just let me love you
Feb 18th 2020 10:43

I'm gonna give you a forewarning before you look at the stream to expect controlled chaos rn
Feb 18th 2020 10:25

Feb 16th 2020 17:27

I love you too
Feb 16th 2020 10:17

What a cute way to say that you missed me
Feb 16th 2020 10:14

it's fine, i'm fine
Feb 16th 2020 10:05

emotional hell
Feb 16th 2020 09:59