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//mood drop. Replies tomorrow
2  7 hours ago

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BEGIN asked the question
Q. i know!
ah i feel clingy...
how are you?
A. I wish you could come cling to me, love.
I'm alright! My plane is about to land.
 20 hours ago

BEGIN asked the question
Q. those two words make me so soft :(
A. All I said was hi!
You're so sweet. How are you feeling?
 20 hours ago

Latest Comments

really?? ;-;
stop being perfect. i'm going to think you're really an android or something.
but no, i know you're just my bella luna <3
18 hours ago

oh dont worry! i will <3
i'm not letting you out of my sight after you're in my arms again.
damn baby.. why you gotta do me like this?
having me all whipped and stuff :/
19 hours ago

good. then you can tell me all about it while i'm smooching your cheek so you have the ability to talk!
hehe :)
19 hours ago

i hope you stay safe and have fun.
no smooching anyone either. i want all the smoochies when you come back.
you're coming back... right?
20 hours ago

i’m really really feeling even more special, thank you !! <3
20 hours ago

park !!! thank you so so so so so so much ! <3
im so so lucky to have you and im really thankful you even remembered my birthday ):
i love you <3
Nov 29th 2021 04:11

Take it off of me then baby.
I’m too lazy to do it myself
Nov 25th 2021 23:09

Mm.. a prettt little mess.
Ruin it then baby. I won’t complain.
Nov 25th 2021 22:21

the same way i cope with seeing your pretty little face. and did i say /with/? i meant sit /on/ me, ******* <3
Nov 25th 2021 21:50

come sit with me, baby
Nov 25th 2021 21:11