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(Helen Otis)
23 / Other / Single
United States
“Good art comes from a dark place.”

a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.


January 13th, 1994
Otis’ classmate fell from his school building and died. A witness stated that Otis was the culprit behind his classmate’s fall, but no lawsuit was made due to the lack of evidence.

October 30th, 1994
Otis committed massacre in his dorm, resulting in 17 dead and 5 injured.

November 15th, 1994
Otis was voted not guilty by reasons of insanity, and was transferred to a psychiatric hospital for treatment.

March 10th, 2003
Otis was released from the hospital, seemingly recovered.

October 31st, 2003
A security camera captures a footage of Otis committing another murder, which was uploaded to the internet.

November 17th, 2003
Local police department received reports of a persisting, rotting stench coming from Otis’ old residence, leading to the discovery of five corpses, with Otis nowhere to be found.

Welcome to my profile! There's no restrictions. Helen will kill anything and will even kill a killer. He prefers ruthless and messy kills where you're struggling and making a mess with your blood so gore is obviously a preference haha. I'm literate and hope you are too.

I have all the characteristics of a human being: blood, flesh, skin, hair; but not a single, clear, identifiable emotion, except for greed and disgust. Something horrible is happening inside of me and I don't know why. My nightly bloodlust has overflown into my days. I feel lethal, on the verge of frenzy. I think my mask of sanity is about to slip. - Patrick Bateman.

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“Words hurt one another. It could be one word and you feel as if the whole world doesn't care about you.”
4  16 hours ago

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Q. Wave.

#ooc: welcome back!
A. “Hi Jack…”

// Same to you :)
 Nov 23rd 2020 15:48

GameBoy asked the question
Q. "knock knock"
A. “I suddenly don’t have a house.”
 Nov 23rd 2020 12:09

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Jeff took his knife without saying another word to him and shoved his hands into his pocket after he was about to put his hood up but Helen took care of that for him. It wasn't like he blended in or anything, the blood on his hoody was still a huge give away. Jeff watched with an amused expression watching him help an women out minutes after trying to kill Jeff. If only she knew she was living near a killer. Jeff wasn't one for car rides and heading off into the woods would mean having to go on foot anyway. Shrugging his shoulders he turned to Helen. "Ride if you want but I'll be heading off on foot, a car heading near the woods seems pretty suspicious. Also I will warn you, if you decide to travel by car, dont get the f***ing idea of trying to run me over...that sh*t hurts like a bitch..."
Nov 24th 2020 03:08

The woods was Jeff’s safe haven, not many people ventured into the woods in fear for their safety and those who were brave or more so foolish enough to enter them, never left, Jeff made sure of it. Though he was left with no other option, it seemed like the best idea. Extending out his hand, his gaze never left the male. “Fine...let’s go but not before you give my knife back to me…” There was many possible areas in the woods that Jeff could think of.
Nov 23rd 2020 12:45

Jeff didn't think that far ahead when he suggested the idea in the first place. It would be very obvious for Jeff to be lugging a dead body over his shoulders.

He placed a finger to his lips in an thinking manner. Thinking wasn't his strong points, it had to be a system that only they knew and no one could accidentally stumble across. Simply Helen would have to find the body before anyone else and that would be the tricky part. "Hmm....yeah...I didn't think that far ahead. Is there a place only you know about where I can dump the body so no one will stumble upon it?..."
Nov 23rd 2020 10:45

Suddenly having a thought, it was an idea he thought he'd never have to resort to but it seemed as though they have reached an impasse and it seemed logical for them to get what they both wanted. It sickens him to do this but he was left with no choice.

Letting out a deep sigh, he turned his full focus towards Helen. " about a truce? I will spare your paintings and you give my knife back..."

He then suddenly came up with another idea and it did seem logical.

"Also...what about a mutual 'partnership' I will give you the bodies I kill so you can do your time offer..."
Nov 23rd 2020 10:27

"I'm Jeff the Killer...did you expect me to lie on my back and allow you do fulfill your sick fantasy?No! Now, I'm going to hit you where it hurts the most..."

Having taking in the sights of the various artworks in his apartment, coming to a conclusion that they must hold sentimental value and that was perfect. He chuckled and decided to start with the artworks in the bathroom and his first victim was the art design of the teeth made into a flower. Lifting it off the wall, he turned to face Helen while standing in the doorway holding the artwork, with the full intention of watching him destroy what he loves.
Nov 23rd 2020 10:12

Jeff had watched Helen lean in towards him, with his face close and in the perfect position. He had managed to get his arms free but kept them behind him until the opportunity came. Which it did. With Helen's face close, Jeff had reached out to grab his wrist while suddenly thrusting his head forward to headbutt him. He was done playing games and he made it his mission to kill this freak if it was the last thing he was going to do. "Go to sleep...f***er!"

The fact that Helen was weilding Jeff's knife didn't sit well with him as it was his most treasured possession and has been through everything Jeff had endured.
Nov 23rd 2020 04:24

Just when things were going his way, that sense of freedom was snacthed away from him after he had finished with the tape around his legs and was about to start on his arms but his pale blue eyes were met with Helens. With the knife now out of bounds, he was left with no options but to use his brute strength and began to push his arms against the tape, hoping he still had enough strength to snap the tape. Seemed easy right? Under normal circumstances yet but not when there is a killer about who is wanting to use him for his arts and crafts and without the use of his arms, he was a easy prey. “Come on...break already,..” He groaned as he struggled against the tape, continuing to push against it.
Nov 22nd 2020 20:34

This couldn’t have planned out any better. He shuffled his legs so they were now under him in an very uncomfortable matter and carefully reached out with his hands towards the knife, making sure he didn’t knock the knife on the floor. He didn’t want Helen to be storming in here. With a lot of struggling he was able to grab the knife and slid his legs back from under him and proceeded to use the knife to cut away the tape. “Come on Jeff...your showing f***ing weakness…” He grumbled to himself, keeping the noise to a minimum.

He had to be swift about this and planned to get his legs and arms free by the time Helen gets back. Getting out unnoticed would be an impossibility but if he had to fight again to get out then so be it, however, he wouldn’t be making the same mistake again.
Nov 22nd 2020 20:11

It seemed as though he was waiting for something to happen in the outside world for him to be able to fully grasp himself and it seemed as though that moment had happened and couldn’t have happened at a better time. A low, deep groan escaped Jeff’s cracked lips and for the first time he was able to lift up his head and see where he was. He has been in some dicey situations but none could be compared to what he was in. Now he understood why Helen wanted to get him into the bathroom, the bodies were obvious enough and there was no way in hell Jeff was going to end up like one of them.

Glancing down he saw that his hoody had been removed and was bleeding from a scar just above his heart and watched with some odd facincation at his blood pulsing out from the wound. “Sick...f***er…” He grumbled under his breath and tried to move his arms and legs but they were still bound. He had to come up with a plan and come up with one very fast. Not seeing Helen in the room gave him those precious few seconds to try and come up with something but being tied up, his options were limited. He had to be patient and wait until he had his arms free, then the fun could begin.
Nov 22nd 2020 19:43

There was something in the back of Jeff’s consciousness telling him to wake up and continue the fight. If he continued to remain in this vulnerable state then he would never be waking up again. Images of his brother laying in his bed after Jeff’s attempts to kill him were now replaying in his mind, anything to do with his brother was a sensitive topic for him and perhaps, this was what Jeff was waiting for.

At this current moment he had lost all control of his body but his fighting, stubborn spirit was pushing forward and slowly but surely he was starting to gain movement but could only manage the movement of a few fingers but still, he had a long way to go before he was fully in control of his body. All totally unaware of what was happening to him right at this very moment.
Nov 22nd 2020 19:16