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(Owen Mazor)
31 / Male / Single
Illinois - United States

Latest Status

Dear RolePlay.Me Diary,

I am covid-negative, but a recent exposure event has affected both my family and my professional life. I cannot guarantee any amount of participation here anymore, especially in the present and near future. I apologize.

Thank you,
~ Owen
11  Oct 12th 2020 09:09

Latest Questions

Q. why do you say your not online but it says you are???
A. I might be logged in on some tab somewhere or on my phone, so the site'll say I'm online, but that doesn't mean I'm actively monitoring messages, etc. I'm not on here 24/7! :)
 Dec 30th 2019 21:37

Latest Comments

Did I upset you?
Oct 29th 2020 17:29

heyo ^w^
Sep 12th 2020 19:47

Do you have time now?! I’ll be on for a little bit :)
Aug 22nd 2020 23:56

you okay?
Aug 12th 2020 15:56

Love yah Owen >3
May 22nd 2020 22:38

haven't forgotten about you. <3
Apr 7th 2020 16:42

I Miss you so much!!!
Jan 10th 2020 23:43