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Beginning to see the appeal of accounts that stick to playing a single character. But, please, someone talk me out of doing this and having four or five different inboxes to juggle between...
3  Feb 24th 2021 09:28

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I just wanted you to know that I adore you and how patient you are with me. Your style is wonderful, as are you. Thak you for being such a kind person and great partner.
Feb 9th 2021 18:56

Hi, I'm Tink! Ty♥️ for adding me♥️
Dec 3rd 2020 03:46

Thank you Owen!
Nov 3rd 2020 12:50

heyo ^w^
Sep 12th 2020 19:47

Do you have time now?! I’ll be on for a little bit :)
Aug 22nd 2020 23:56

haven't forgotten about you. <3
Apr 7th 2020 16:42