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(Gabriel Carter)
18 / Male / Single
Utah - United States
Well what can I say? I’m a lame dude who gets quickly attached. Love making up pet names. I love cuddling in the morning and drinking tea at night. I’m kinda a nerd, my two favorite things are comics and Starwars. I have some comic book related tattoos. I’m an open book and very excited to meet you.

Latest Status

Hey everyone, I know I’m sh*t at responding and I’m really f***ing sorry I’m having an awful depression attack and it’s hard enough for me to get out of bed just for work so I’m sorry I haven’t responded to people I just can’t do anything real right now becuase I’m a f***ing baby and I’m so sorry
1  May 13th 2019 01:00

Latest Comments

Reaal sheißa, you're the only person who's replies I look forward to, nein homosexual
Apr 30th 2019 01:14

Thank you for the resharing, mi amor!

- Tight hug - ♥
Mar 13th 2019 04:24

(I hope you're okay )
Mar 12th 2019 21:52

Please reply I miss you
Mar 12th 2019 02:36

▪▪▪Thank you for adding me. Hope we could rp soon.▪▪▪
Feb 8th 2019 00:16