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(Takashi )
22 / Male / Single
Missouri - United States
I do not do action/combat RP this is non-negotiable

I have aphantasia which is a condition where People experience a lack of mental imagery and have a reduced capacity to access other mental senses (imagining sound, movement, smell, taste, and touch). For example, I am unable to imagine most senses. So detail is a hard thing when you can't imagine it. That being said when I get inspired or I can think of something to add I will.

Read my album comments on read to learn if you want to learn more. If you care for detail I do try to have some detail I just have a hard time putting image to letters.

I don't normally post on public i like to pm much more.

I'm just a normal guy who likes to rp for fun so don't expect me to be literate. That being said I'm almost always online and if you want to rp in discord let me know. I'm kinda a nerd who likes DND, anime, videogames, sci Fi, and other nerdy things.

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I haven't talked about it but I've been trying to donate plasma because you get paid for it but my veins are a pain to deal with I guess. That being said I DID IT FINALY!!!!!
Mood: accomplished
1  Apr 7th 2024 17:11

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Q. Yesss let's switch to disc just send a reply I'll rp asap
A. Will do Hun ^^
 Jul 31st 2023 23:14

Q. Hiya?
A. Yo. did I forget to reply again XD
 Mar 18th 2021 12:25

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Your so sweet <3
Oct 1st 2023 17:25

Aug 8th 2021 00:59