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Check on.

He indeed went to meet that person at midnight... after that, he basically disappeared for two whole days, without leaving track nor giving any news to anyone about where he was or what he was doing.
During the night of the second day, he finally returns to TOP's home. It's pretty late night, he waited on purpose that long before entering inside, hoping that there would be nobody still awake, least of all TOP himself.

He jumps over the gate and teleports right in front of the door inside, since he doesn't have the keys of that place and doesn't want to drag attention by ringing the bell or burglaring the lock.
Once in, he slowly limps towards the closest bathroom, leaving a trail of blood behind. Not much he could do about that, he is pretty much entirely covered in blood, most of which his own.

Reached the bathroom, he doesn't even close the door and just falls on his knees, taking off the ripped clothes still 'stiched' to his body. There, he starts to pull out the bullets from his body, with bare hands, as he has always done.
He gets it done pretty fast, regardless of the terrible pain.
Clinging to the sink, he stands up and pushes himself to walk towards the shower, but falls and simply crawls inside of it, where he opens the cold water and remains under it, not even taking off all of the clothes, just the top.
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Pointless x ∞

In the end, he indeed decides to just go to LianBi to report what he found out. After all, that was his mission and he succeeded in no time. They gave him less than 0 reasons to side with them rather than with LianBi, so why stay there to be treated like a sh*t? He is treated the same way at home, but at least he has LianBi there.

As soon as he sets a foot into the Palace, though, Tsever comes to him, saying that the Second Prince needs to see him urgently and before he goes to report to the Emperor.
He doesn't like the way it sounds, but the last he needs is even the Prince and his loyals to start to oppose him.
He follows Tsever to ChangMi's residence and walks inside, while the other doesn't join. The residence is totally empty except from the Prince, who looks terribly upset.
BangSul is still unsure how he should act with the children of LianBi, who has to respect who?
But before he'd decide, Qing literally drops himself on his knees at his feet. "Did you find him?"
He looks down at him, surprised by the question. Or maybe more surprised that Qing got so courageous to basically admit something very serious. Or does he actually trust him that much, more than LianBi?
"If you mean the escapists, ye, I've found them. I've come to report the success of the mission to Jeonha."
"Please don't..." implores Qing. "Please, spare him... save me..." he murmurs in a broken tone. "He will force him to tell, he will find out, what will be of me, then...?"
BangSul is caught totally unprepared by that. "Oh... why..." He covers his face with one hand and takes a breath.
Qing takes his other hand. "Please... what harm can come to anyone if they are just there on Earth...? They are gone, can't this matter just be gone too...? Abamama... please..."
He shuts his eyes. "I can't. But I will buy you some more time. Find a way to push any clue away from yourself... and if it is not enough, I will save you from his wrath..." He takes a breath. He can't really choose a side between his husband's or his step-children. "Mianhe."
"Gamsahamnida... please, be safe, abamama..."

After speaking to LianBi, convincing him to give him more time to make the escapists returns to Xhuanghen on their own, without risking to cause international troubles, he returns on Earth. Damn those 5 people in total that force him to remember he actually has a soul.
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~ Earth, South-Korea, Seoul. Summer 2019.

Two girls, Yama HARU and Park BOYEON were working at a cheap cafe in Seoul. Their dream was to become famous singers, but luck wasn't on their side, until, one day, a famous idol, SHIHO, entered their cafe. He was impressed by them, thus decided to invite them to a party with popular celebrities, that was supposed to open the doors to success.
Although that party didn't get them cast by any entertainment agency, the girls had a way to approach the idols, member of a famous k-pop band: the FloHwa.
BoYeon found out that her ex boyfriend, with the stage name of RONIN, was the leader of that band, despite his troubled past.

In a desperate attempt to prove to BoYeon that he changed, and to convince her to give him another chance, Ronin invited her, Haru and their friend TOKI to a camping in the mountain near Seoul, for a weekend.
The other two members of FloHwa, CRIO and APPLE, plus ShiHo joined them for the camping weekend.
BoYeon, who had been shot by accident by Toki some days before, tried to hide the truth from the others and spent most of her time sleeping in her tent.

In the evening of their arrival, the young Apple went to take a walk near their camp and by the shores of the lake, he witnessed the weirdest possible scenario: three men, dressed in historical outfits, were bickering inside the water. It was very cold and it made no sense that someone would go to take a bath, especially in those clothes.
The three, paradoxally, looked very alike some idols of their time, which convinced Apple and the others to believe that they were indeed the singers and actors they knew, going through some psychological condition.
The members of FloHwa phoned their idol friends and surprisingly, they all answered and proved to be far from them. The three men in historical clothes were indeed just lookalikes.
Haru was very shocked to find out that JeongJong looked exactly like her husband PaOh, while Chungseon like her old friend Taeseokjong from her original world.

The three were time-travelers, Kings belonging to different ages of Korean history: Jinheung from Silla, JeongJong from Goryeo and Chungseon of - later - Goryeo. While the three couldn't agree on anything and kept fighting each others, the guys from the present decided to split them and take them home with them, so that they wouldn't be given the chance to stain the reputation of their idol friends.
JeongJong returned with Haru and BoYeon, Chungseon with Toki and Jinheung with ShiHo.

For the three ex Kings, adapting to this new age was simpler than expected, after the initial troubles. A couple of months after their arrival to the present times, JeongJong, better known as Wang Yo, founded his own entertainment agency (RYEO Ent) while Chungseon, Wang Won, founded his own building company (YUAN Constructions).
Crio, worried about the plots these time-travelers could play against the present people, kept opposing them in every way he could, unsuccessfully.
He was eventually forced to stop bothering about Yo and Won, when his younger brother YOONMIN attempted suicide, for unknown reasons.

While KIM YOUNGHYUN, father of Crio and YoonMin was driving back to Seoul at full speed, to reach his youngest child at the hospital, he almost hit some mysterious person wandering the street. It was night and he managed to stop his car just in time not to kill him.
As he tried to assist the young man, he realized that he was dressed in a ruined and ancient-looking robe. Although he was certain to have stopped in time, the boy was covered in blood and seemingly close to die.
The man carried the passed out stranger to his car and drove him to the hospital where his son too was admitted (in questo caso, questa parola significa 'ricoverato). YoungHyun paid for the care of the mysterious boy too, who was found to have never been vaccinated.
The man also took the beautiful katana the boy had with him, locking it in the trunk of his car.

As YoungHyun called the police, the older brother of Apple, DookGuk came to receive his report and took the sword to the police department as a proof for the investigations connected to that boy.
The next day, Apple went to visit YoonMin at the hospital and he accidentally found out about the new person. Hearing what YoungHyun said about him, Apple got to suspect that the stranger could be another time-traveler, as he too was found near a lake in historical outfit. The young singer promply warned the others through their WhatsApp group, summoning Haru, Yo and Won to the hospital.

The four had their first contact with the awakened boy, who proved to be indeed another time-traveler, but from the early Joseon era. He introduced himself as GongPo, but asked to be called Tero (the japanese version of his name).
Tero claimed to be a Crown Prince, son of King Taejo of Joseon, although there seemed to be no track on him in the historical records. As a matter of fact, his parents made sure to eliminate his name from history, after their attempt to get rid of him in favour of his younger brother.
At first, the relationship among Yo, Won and Tero was extremely tensed. The new time-traveler was terribly hostile towards the others.

Tero escaped the hospital and ended up befriending YoonMin. Following his violent and rather evil nature, Tero soon accessed the criminal environment and made himself a name among the worst criminals of Seoul. He formed his own gang together with the crazy driver Aron, the ex indonesian soldier Awut and the haker JaeJoon. Tero created himself a fake identity, also with the help of Sato, an old Japanese man who was hired to pretend to be his father.

After reaching a very advantageous position, Tero attempted to approach Yo and Won again, offering them help to increase the earnings of their societies. The three begun a weird and not too stable friendship, that led them to get closer to each others, nonetheless. Tero hired Won's company to build him a special house in the mountains and sent a young, promising boy to Yo's agency: Shin KITAE.
The young orphan turned out to be less successful than they expected, but both Yo and Won ended up developing a fatherly affection towards him.

One night, a weird man came to knock on the door of the dormitory where Haru, BoYeon, Yo and Won were living. The man, after having a secret conversation with the girl, convinced the two ex Kings to be a time-traveler like them and, in the specific, the first son of Yo, Gyeongchunwon. (The actual historical name of the son of JeongJong.)
Gyeongchunwon started to work for the police department, as a coverage.
In truth, he was no less than the Commandant of the Emperor of Xhuanghen, Hu HYUNKI, son of PaOh, husband of Haru. The real reason of his arrival was to investigate on the disappearance of his father and he was very suspicious that Haru could be behind it.

Weeks after his arrival, HyunKi accidentally discovered a particular fact about KiTae: a birthmark at the bottom of his belly, a half moon, identical to the birthmark every other Yama, children of HIRO, had on their body. This fact proved that KiTae was actually the younger brother of Haru and caused HyunKi to turn even more suspicious.
Being the Yama family all wanted as criminals, for the abduction of the princes ChangMi and XinLi, sons of Emperor LianBi, the Commandant captured KiTae and escorted him to the Palace for interrogations.
There, they found out that KiTae was a half-human and half-auriold.

Worried by the happening, Hiro, the father of Haru, forced his daughter to return to Shiixia, the secret island where all shinobi lived in safety.

Yo, Won and Tero noticed the sudden disappearence of Haru, HyunKi and KiTae and were worried for their safety. They struggled to search them with all of their means, also with the help of police and criminals, but their efforts led them nowhere, until, one day, a mysterious man appeared on their door. He was identical to Yo, in looks, although ragged and skinny. It was PaOh, whom introduced himself as ZHENDONG YICHUAN. Why? Because he was a great troll and loved to annoy the General, his archenemy.
PaOh explained them all that the person they thought to be Gyeongchunwon was actually that bastard of his son, HyunKi, and that it had probably been him to take Haru and KiTae away, to their original world, Nortrig.

Convinced by PaOh, Won, Yo and Tero, with his whole gang, prepared to head to the capital of Xhuanghen in Nortrig, Shiirhuang, to 'assault' the Imperial Palace and rescue their people.
While for PaOh it was all a big joke, the same wasn't for Tero whom ended up crossing the path of JUNYIN, a powerful fighter with a very weird nature. Tero could stand no chance against him, but still managed to wound JinYin. His blood, though, wasn't normal, it was like a poisonous lava that started to burn his armor and body like acid.
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Who am I?

He slowly opens his eyes.
His eyelids feel so heavy that he has to struggle to lift them.
Above him, the starry sky. It's night, but he can see everything of what surrounds him - thanks to Sha's eyesight -.
There are some little creatures around him, he doesn't remember what they are - dogs, cats, mice and some birdies - , but he perceives them as no threat. Some of them are curled, sleeping near him, other seem to on guard, as if protecting him.
As he sits up, all the animals get up too, remaining close to him.
He can't recognize that place, he doesn't understand what it is, how he got there... why is he there? Who are those creature and why they are with him? But most importantly, who is him?

His head feels totally empty, except from the questions echoing inside of it. He hesitantly stands up, as if it was his first time doing it. He even fails a couple of times, but eventually manages to keep balance on his feet.
He feels terribly strange, because he can perceive there is something deeply wrong with himself, but he can't understand what. On top of that, he can't stop being scared. He is totally terrified, that's the only thing he knows for certain.
He takes his head in hands and recoils a little, sobbing. His enhanced senses too are giving him a hard time, the noises and smells are making him feel like to explode.

All of a sudden, he literally rips off most of the clothes from himself, luckily only the top, and starts to run at a crazy speed, followed by his little army of critters. He has even a mouse on his shoulder.
He ends up crashing, rather painfully, against your character, immediately taking a defensive position.
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무의미한 - the new family name.
After wasting his time around, he realizes it had been a mistake to leave the Palace at all. Probably he is no longer fit to meddle with criminals nor to have a role outside the one he was given. He never manages to feel satisfied anyway, he felt like he was entirely useless in the fight against Mijhatev and just as double useless in that against Thanos. But at least he managed to make some green sparkles to decorate the environment.
He would have liked to feel close to useful to LianBi for once, but maybe next time.

When he is finally back, he realizes it's very late night and that he should probably have warned... but he doesn't find any weird situation when he enters the Palace, so either the Emperor is still working and didn't realize he was missing or just gave for granted he would be all right. After all, he is not a kid and lived on his own for long enough to not need someone to take him by hand and follow him wherever he goes.
As he walks towards the Sun Quarters and then the residence of the Emperor, he notices JiHwan is 'buzzing' around the building on his own.
He tilts his head at the sight of him, why wouldn't he be sleeping at that time of the night?
Quickly, he reaches him and stands behind him while he tries to peek through the holes in the window. "What are you doing?" he asks calmly, more curious than else.
JiHwan jumps in surprise, turns around and bows. "
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