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Lost World.

What's the story behind the mysterious trees BangSul planted in his garden?

He hasn't mentioned it to anyone yet, for one main reason: he doesn't want LianBi to find out how he often visits the Wilds, thinking that he would panic about it and obstacle him, or even put people after him, when he wants to go there. Because he needs to go to the Wilds from time to time, that's the Temple of Isseiner, he has to feel his presence close from time to time.

It's in the Wilds that he obtained the seeds of the four trees and it wasn't a case. He was lured to a secluded area of the wilds, he had to defeat the guardian to prove it was really by Isseiner's Will that he should take those seeds.

The four trees represent 4 of the ancient races of children of Isseiner that went extinct due to the repressions of the Empire throughout the centuries: kitsune, dryads, jinglings and fairies. The trees aren't just symbolic totems, they are actually the instruments to bring these races back to the world. And since BangSul was so desperate about making his sister immortable and less delicate, what a better occasion for Isseiner if not this, to entrust the seeds to his Avatar?
Of course the God didn't tell anything about what the trees are and what they do, he just they were his gift for him, for the service he made to fight against Mijhatev, and told him to plant them somewhere safe.

And what's with the weird happenings involving BaeBee and PanAn?
They ate from the trees, but they hardly even remember. They have some sort of hypnotic effect when a 'potential candidate' gets close enough. The trees produce one fruit at a time that can't even be seen by the people who aren't compatible with the races or that aren't destined to get the transformation. In other words, it's daddy Isseiner who decides.
The person doesn't even need to eat all the fruit, one bite is enough to trigger the transformation. And it normally follows some hours of unconsciousness, depending on how much 'work' there is to do to change the body.
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What to do now?

When XiYu told him she was pregnant, or better, when she took his hand and placed it on her belly, he told her to not worry, that everything was all right. But in truth, he has no idea what is going to be now. He has seen enough of modern Earth to know that it's not an as big deal as it would have been in Joseon, but he is not entirely sure on how it goes in Xhuanghen.

For that, he goes to speak to LianBi, mainly wanting to know what they should do. He doesn't want rumors to spread and not even the news itself to go too far.
Since XiYu refused to be present, he goes to the Red Hall on his own.
As he approaches the entrance, the servants announce his arrival, which means the Emperor must not be too busy.
He walks inside the throne hall and LianBi is already half way towards him. "Any news?"
Bang-sul knows that he probably was told already that BaeBee entered the Palace with him, but tells him anyway. "I've found my sister... she was with JunYin..."
He sighs and looks down, while the other gets closer to him and takes his hands. "She is pregnant... surely of-"
"It's what I've been fearing for a while..."
He remains silent for some time. "What is going to happen now? What will be of her?"
"What do you think? Nothing will happen to her. She will have a child and receive all the care and help she will need."
"But the child..."
"The child can grow up here, together with the uncles."
"She is unmarried and with a child, will she have to be alone forever this way?"
LianBi shakes his head. "Such formalities are only rule when it comes of combined marriages. Most men don't even care at all." Didn't he marry a woman with two children himself? "I only have two worries... one is her health. Pregnancy of an auriold can be dangerous for a human girl. Also, I fear the Fu family might get involved."
"And if they do?"
The Emperor clenches his fist. "We shall see. Let us not worry too much over something that might as well never happen, all right?"
He slightly nods. "What with the Wonhwa now?"
"She can suspend the physical training until she will give birth and be back to shape. I can warn the Commandant myself."
"Gomawo..." He bows his head.
LianBi places a hand on his cheek. "I wish you actually gave me the chance to really do something for you worth your gratitude. I'll be waiting for that day!"
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Whatever exactly happened in the West, at the end of the holiday he wasn't feeling well. Had actual sickness, kept vomiting and feeling awful.
Even Norihiko got a little panicked there, thinking he got poisoned by someone indeed and nobody really knew what to do, if mentioning that to the Emperor or investigate the matter or nothing.

Bang-sul knew it wasn't poison the problem and liquidated any attempt to get further information.
He even showed some hesitation about returning to the Palace, to which, LianBi was eventually warned. If Bang-sul wanted to prolong his holiday, he first needed Jeonha's permission.

Bang-sul remained inside the water of the sea while the others were teleported back home. Only Norihiko remained there to watch him from the shore.
While staring at the horizon, he felt someone behind him. Didn't even need to turn around to know it was LianBi.
Surprised, Bang-sul slowly turned around. The other was in full Imperial Robe, makeup on, as if he had literally just stood from his throne and teleported there. He even entered the water with those precious clothes on.
He didn't know what to say, bit luckily it was LianBi to speak first. "Are you still feeling unwell?"
He shook his head, a bit stunned. "A-aniyo..."
The Emperor took his hands in his and approached very close, looking deep into his eyes. "Don't you want to come back to me?"
Bang-sul's eyes widened at the question. He never saw the matter on that perspective. "It's not so... I..."
"I came here with something in my mind to propose to you... but now that I am here, I am afraid to ask, even if I should."
"Stay with me..." impulsively said Bang-sul. "Remain here with me..."
Just some moment of silence, then LianBi nodded. "I shall stay here with you, all the time you wish."
His eyes slightly widened at the answer, that he didn't expect to be positive. He nodded and rested his forehead on LianBi's chest, who caressed his head.

As the sun started to set, the two returned to the empty palace. Even Norihiko had been sent away by then.
Hand in hand, LianBi led the way inside, where he stopped and started to take his wet clothes off. He also removed his hairpins and left his hair free and untied. "I shall return soon." Said that, the Emperor headed towards the bathroom to take off the makeup too.
Meanwhile, Bang-sul too went to change clothes and to refresh himself a little. He was strangely fast and quickly returned to the living room, where they parted.
LianBi came back soon enough and took his hand again. "Let's have some food, shall.we?"
Something he didn't think about: just them two meant no servant to do the stuff. And he has never been able to cook anything more than some roasted fish or meat. "I..."
"Let's go." Without waiting to hear what Bang-sul had to say, LianBi headed to the kitchen where he finally let go of his hand.
"I could get some fish to roast..." murmured the concubine, who had never even set a foot inside a kitchen before. In Xhuanghen.
"Ani, no need. There seems to be enough to cook something tasty." The Emperor, in underclothes, started to select some vegetables and placed them on a working table.
Bang-sul remained back, powerless, while LianBi started to prepare something to eat, that also seemed a pretty complex dish. He stared at him in some sort of anguish, due to be unable to take his place and be the one to cook...

After LianBi finished to cut vegetables and meat, he put everything inside a big pot that he left on the fire, finally returning to focus on Bang-sul.
He approached him and put his hands on his shoulders. "You look in so much distress... are you expecting to get poisoned by the bad taste of my cooking?" he said with a soft, amused smile.
Bang-sul looked up at him with wide eyes. "Aniyo...! It's not... I just..." And glanced at the kitchen furniture.
LianBi turned more serious. "It's only you and me. There is no reason to keep playing Emperor and Concubine. It's just LianBi and Bang-sul." He approached his forehead to the other's. "I never forgot who I am, where I come from. Neither should you." The ex IA servant and the ex Crown Prince.

After a delicious dinner, the two returned outside for a walk, to enjoy the beautiful starry sky of Alamahor.
They fell asleep on the sand of the beach, where they got awakened by the light sunbeams.
Bang-sul opened his eyes and noticed he was still on LianBi's arms, where he fell asleep the previous night. The Emperor was caressing his hair.
"Shall we return home, now...?" murmured Bang-sul, not because in hurry to go back, but because he knew that LianBi had his obligations, his family to take care of... even if he agreed to stay there for another day, just for him, he knew he'd have some troubles and that probably they wouldn't be left alone by servants and guards.
"Already? Are you sure?"
Bang-sul nodded. "I want to come home with you..."
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Consort Virtue. (貴妃; guì fēi)


Ryuke returns to the Red Hall after several minutes and bows to the Emperor. "The Imperial Alchemists have arrived, Jeonha. They are waiting in the nursery. Physician Huo is ready and the Imperial Nannies have been warned." The eunuch approaches Bang-sul, who takes a step back tightens his grip on the baby, as if fearing Ryuke would take him off his arms and run away.
"Your Grace..." The Sangseon glances at the Emperor, actually clueless on how to act.
LianBi approaches Bang-sul from behind. "Let the Sangseon take him", he murmurs to the lover, wrapping his arms around his waist. "He will be safe."
With as much hesitation as if he expected the babe to vanish as soon as they lost contact, Bang-sul eventually let's Ryuke take the child, whom bursts in tears almost instantly.
"Gamsahamnida, Your Grace", says the eunuch respectfully, although there is nothing he needs to thank for.
Bang-sul follows Ryuke with his gaze as he walks out of the throne hall, looking terribly troubled.
"They will make sure he is in good health and take care of him, in addition to making sure if the baby is Tero.indeed", says LianBi to reassure him.
"And if it's him...? What will be of him then...?"
LianBi moves in front of him, standing very close, and puts his hands on his shoulders. "Why do you ask me with such trembling tone? Is it that you have something in mind?" And are scared to tell me? - he adds in his thoughts.
"If I..." His voice keeps being shaken but mainly due to all the agitation and nervousness... and yes, also a bit because he fears a negative answer from him. "If I... maybe I... should... raise him this time..."

Before the Emperor could answer to that, Ryuke runs inside with the Alchemist who took care of checking the possible family bounds of the baby. The man kneels and prostrates himself, looking totally terrified.
LianBi doesn't understand why such reactions from them, considering what the task was, bit still gets somewhat worried. "What is it that you found, to cause so much distress? Speak clearly and directly." He has no nerves for blabbing around the thing. He is annoyed already, to be prepared.
"J-Jeonha..." stutters the alchemist, with a really shaken tone. "I have repeated the tests 10 times and even the two other alchemists with m..."
"SAY IT, I ORDERED!" thunders the Emperor, interrupting him.
The Man jumps. "T-the blood of the baby is connected to Concubine Yi, with whom shares an extremely close familiar bond, that wasn't possible to determine with exactitude, though..." He shuts his eyes before to proceed. "And it is connected to Jeonha, with whom he shares a fatherly bond." Not mentioning anything about the fact the blood was pink and absurd. "He is a Sacred Blood with a dangerously 71% level..."
LianBi gets totally stunned by what he says. "What...?!" he hisses in disbelief. "What are you saying...?"
"I swear Jeonha, there can't be a mistake!" implores the man.
The Emperor recoils, getting 175 infarcts at the same time. "Check him", he gasps, pointing at Bang-sul. "HAVE HIS BLOOD CHECKED IMMEDIATELY!" Well, if Tero is the twin of Bang-sul and the alchemist just said he is the father of Tero... he almost faints at the very thought of that. Also since the original Tero, for the age he had when he killed himself, could perfectly match as son of his, he was the same age of XinLi.
All the three rather petrified by LianBi's apparent fury, Ryuke takes the lead and pulls both Bang-sul and the alchemist out of the Red Hall to obey the order of the Emperor.

Bang-sul too is left totally speechless, but the Emperor's anger always scares him more than anything else thus he has little space in his mind to evaluate the possibility LianBi could, in some twisted way, his actual biological father.
Again, several alchemists test his weird blood over and over again to confirm a sure result.
This time it's Ryuke and Bang-sul alone to return to the throne hall, to refer what they discovered.
"The Imperial Alchemists made sure of the truthfulness of their result and stated that there is absolutely no blood connection between Jeonha and Concubine Yi", says Ryuke, trying to be as reassuring as possible.
LianBi approaches them, still out of himself. "Then how is it possible? How would that baby be my son and his relative at the same time? How can he not be Tero? How could a baby survive the magic fire and what was of his ashes?!"
Bang-sul even cowers a little to that.
The Emperor hits his hand against the wall. "Don't be like that! I want an answer!"

Suddenly, the light of the room start to falter, then all the candles and lamp turn off. An unnatural cold pervades the place, and something like the shadow of a BIG little girl appears between them, accompanied by a disembodiment chuckle.
"It's my gift for him", says the voice, echoing in a blood-freezing way.
"Who are you? How dare you being here?" growls Ryuke immediately.
The shadow moves her head towards the eunuch and two sparky pink eyes appear in the blackness. "I am Phoei."
Everyone gasp to that reply.
"Why would... the Goddess of Fear make that child the son of the Emperor?" asks again Ryuke, the less shocked one in the room.
"Because auriold obsess so much over meaningless blood. He feared so much his Bang-sul wouldn't take him, that I felt like to make sure", she explains while moving her head on LianBi. Naturally, her conversation with Tero happened after his death. "Do as you deem right." The shadow of the Goddess slowly disperses, vanishing in the nothingness and leaving only some pink 'burning' marks on the floor where she was standing. Gods can't be in Nortrig for a reason, and that's the risk of causing serious damages to the world, due to their potence.

The three wake up several hours later, Ryuke in the nursery and the Emperor and Bang-sul in the Emperor's residence. They don't need to wonder if what they witnessed was a dream, they all know for sure it was real.
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