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(Izuku Midoriya)
20 / Male / In Love
UA High, United Arab Emirates
My quirk is superhuman strength/speed at the cost of being taken out of commission. Nice to meet you all!

@CherryChan is interesting :))

Latest Status

That new SAO opening really hitting hard! I've already hit the replay button so many times it's terrifying...
Mood: headphones
3  Jul 16th 2020 16:16

Latest Questions

Q. I is not cat. I is Cherry. UwU
A. U is my Cherry. :3
 Aug 3rd 2020 06:31

Q. RaWr
A. hey there kittyyy uwu
 Aug 2nd 2020 21:18

Latest Comments

Aug 3rd 2020 04:45

Well heya! Sorry I didn't message soon I passed right out. Hope to chat or rp sometime!
Jun 22nd 2020 15:43

That's weird you can't message me
Mar 11th 2020 16:40

That’s weird
Mar 11th 2020 13:13

I really really appreciate that! And you too ♥ Totally don't deserve it after I keep disappearing though (●´-`●)
Jan 28th 2020 13:49

Jan 6th 2020 11:13

Change schools. Ours is better.
Jan 4th 2020 18:23

"Greetings it's a pleasure to meet you. "
Dec 29th 2019 08:13

Miss you!
Dec 28th 2019 10:41

Good! <3 Because you totally managed to put butterflies in my chest! XP
Dec 24th 2019 22:42