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18 / Female / In a Relationship
United States
"I will sing the song you gave me, without turning back.
Don't forget that song of yours."

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I'm not new to this site at all! I've been here before, and I'm pretty familiar with how it works. I'm also ridiculously weird so watch out- XD
So anyways, nice to meet you guys! My name's Meiko, and I really enjoy music. I sing, play acoustic and electric guitar, and I want to learn how to play the drums. I consider myself quirky and weird, and a bit of an ass at times...unfortunately. I'm not the best at writing, but I enjoy roleplaying a lot, so here I am. I hope we can make some good stories together, whether they're short or long.

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@TheRealKaitoShion is my boyfriend and my floof nugget of a brother. I SWEAR, the day you hurt him is the day you'll see me turn into a fire demon and tear your soul apart. He's adorable and sweet and deserves the world, so please be nice to him.

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literally every time
every damn time
i f***ing die and then i fall asleep bc it makes me so peaceful
listen to this damn song
1  11 hours ago

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Q. awwwwww, okies. you're so cute!!!!!
*snuggles* you're all mine to snuggle tonight <3
A. okie! <3 *snuggles back*
 Aug 18th 2019 23:46

Q. yus! this is your punishment for making me go on all the roller coasters yesterday! you have to sleep on the guest bed with nobody!
A. noooooooooooo ;^;
 Aug 18th 2019 23:40

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