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20 / Female / In a Relationship
United States
Who am I kidding, I have no idea how the f*** to make a bio. I guess I’ll just say random sh*t about myself then.
I cuss, if you can’t tell already. XD
I’m pansexual, but I’m taken. I’d love to create an online family though!
I’m an idiot most of the time. Music is my entire hecking life. Oh, and I’m really affectionate if you want me to be. You can talk to me about your problems if you want.
Also, I use my phone to get on this site, so longer replies will probably take longer to be sent out.

I do almost any kind of roleplay, just ask. One-liners to four paragraphs is cool with me. I reply at least once a day, most likely multiple times. I prefer to do MxM or FxF, but MxF is also okay. Any gender is fine. LGBTQ is welcomed. I don’t have many triggers. I keep my OCs in storage off of this site, so ask for them. I'm also willing to make a new character for our roleplay.

@snowflake is my adorable little cuddly babygirl. She’s the most precious thing in the world to me. I’ve known her for thirteen years and she’s been there for me since we were in kindergarten, and I’ve been there for her as well. If anyone tries to hurt her, I will not hesitate to find them and rip their heart out, as well as their intestines.
TL:DR don’t touch my babygirl or else imma whoop your ass

@YourLittleHero is my absolutely adorable son!! He let me adopt him and I’m just— My heart❤️❤️❤️
I love him so much, so if anyone tries to hurt him....I might just have to kill them XD

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Probably won't be replying to messages for a little while. It's crunch time before finals lmao
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Mm...*hugs you tightly* I love you the most ❤️❤️
Dec 2nd 2019 17:13

I love you...
Dec 2nd 2019 17:08

Eek!! Meikoooo~
Dec 2nd 2019 16:16

Noooo, you’re better!
Dec 2nd 2019 16:02

Eek!! You’re better~!!
Dec 2nd 2019 15:54

Dec 2nd 2019 15:41

Why are you so cute??
Dec 2nd 2019 12:02