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OmarSuperSaiyan's Blog

'Ginyu Force' Omar

After the defeat of Ginyu at Goku and the z fighters hands. Omar took advantage of an interesting opportunity.omar, would take command of taking you force not even giving them a chance he would power up to kaioken and beat them one after the other proving that he shall and will be there leader.taking them to new heights and showing them that with him they could go to new levels beyond what they could have with Ginyu. "He did let himself be turned into a toad." He would often remind them. once Omar established himself leader he would take on the likes of the Frieza Force joining up with the Cooler Squad led by an acquaintance and ex time patroller. A 'Dark' Frieza who killed Cooler to take command of the well-known squadron. Now at the head of the Ginyu Force Omar begins his reign of terror across the land.
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Two Years Later

Two years after going through the time capsule, Omar and Sarysha have a daughter on like no other. A Saiyan/Succubus hybrid. Her name is Mae. Despite only being two Mae is already showing her sand side going out her tail which Omar promptly removes to prevent her from going into the great ape form. By age 10 she is already a capable fighter even reaching Super Saiyan by age 20. Maewhich show signs of her succubus half however, easily willing staying males as a result of going through puberty but quickly overcame this hurdle.Omar and Sar isha would continue to train Mae enhancing her Saiyan and Succubus powers even further thus creating the ultimate warrior of the two races.
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Omar is a Half-breed Saiyan, birthed by a Saiyan mother and human father. Fully aware of the war between Saiyan and Succubus he knew the risks involved entering into the Demon Realm but he entered anyway. He had to understand why his race would mate with these creatures.

He would meet a beautiful young succubus named Sarysha the two of them would quickly fall in love and develop an affair which in turn would lead them to meet each other secretly every night.

Allowing themselves to have wonderful nights of passion each and every night becoming a real Romeo and Juliet story.

As their love grew stronger so did the risks as they knew they could no longer see each other they would separate hoping that one day they could be together.

Being apart from one another grew to be torturous as they they both knew they could no longer live apart, a new experience felt by Omar as he never truly felt love for another being before now.

Omar would return to the Demon Realm nearly after a year, being in love caused him to act stupid which in turn would lead him to getting captured by the succubus Queen and held in prison.

The queen would demand to know why a Saiyan would enter the Demon Relm alone but he would refuse to answer which would then lead the queen to make a jurassic threat.

Knowing full well why this Sayian would come to the demon realm alone she would threaten to start killing succubus if he wouldn't tell her.

Fearing for Sarysha's life he would tell of the affair. The queen would smirk and have her soldiers drag Sarysha to be chained and tortured forcing Omar to watch.

Omar would then use all of his power to try to break free even using Super Saiyan God Blue combined with Kaioken X20 failing to even make a dent in his prison.

Omar would refuse to quit however unlocking a new form an Evolved form of his God Transformation which would be the ticket.

Punching through a section of his cell he would use his Sayian Rage to attack the Demon army of Succubus killing left and right.

Now able to reach Sarysha he was able to remove her binds giving way to an escape. Now on the run Sarysha knew she could not return to the Demon Realm now that she was involved with a Saiyan but she knew that Omar would come up with a plan..

Omar, after finding a way to escape himself was able to reunite to his love. They would use a Time Machine to go to an alternate timeline to live out their remaining days together in peace.
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