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Latest Comments

Wait, you have a bunker too?
Apr 22nd 2021 22:56

That's badass as f***, Oliver. Ya got my respect now hahah
Apr 22nd 2021 15:11

Wait but... so, you're a real life superhero? For real?
Apr 22nd 2021 14:41

Dude. Yes.
Apr 22nd 2021 13:13

Well I'm not too sure costumes are my forte, but I sure as hell can kick ass, that's kinda my superpower
Apr 22nd 2021 13:05

Man I knew my day would come
Apr 22nd 2021 13:01

I've been waiting my whole life to say this, Oliver. But here it is: I'm Batman.
Apr 22nd 2021 12:59

Wait, Green Arrow? As in superhero, cape wearing, mask rocker motherf***er Green Arrow?
Apr 22nd 2021 12:42

Yeah, proud of that one, man. What's that secret of yours?
Apr 22nd 2021 12:20

That so? If that's the case, can't say I disagree. I mean, I did kill Hitler after all
Apr 22nd 2021 12:14