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Does it matter?, Wisconsin - United States
If you’re thinking of friending me read this first. It’s my rules.

Really loving this OC of mine and looking to do a crossover RP with her. Hit me up if you’re interested!

Why hello there!

Welcome to my profile, I'm not sure what brought you here but feel free to look around. I'm sure you'll find something interesting. Maybe.

So, who am I exactly? I'm Okami (I picked this as my go to name when I was younger as it was my favorite game, still is and have grown attached to it since) I've been role playing for... Jeez almost eight years now? Wow. Anyway, I'm a literate role player who can play just about anything, fantasy, action, drama, sci-fi, honestly I think I like pretty much every forum topic on this site except wrestling.

Also, this has happened to me several times now. If you're the type of person who friends me then immediately PMs me something like "*takes your chin, forcing you to look up at me, lowering my lips to yours*" (yes this happened once), do know that my response will not be pleasant. Don't be creepy.

If you friend me, you message me first. If I friend you I'll message you first. Just so you know. If you friend me and don’t say a word to me for several days/I friend you and message you but you never reply for several days, you will be removed. If you think I'm ghosting you I'm probably not, my computer doesn't always send/receive messages on this site (which is why I prefer forum based roleplays) so just send me a "what's up?" or "you alive?" and I'll figure out what happened on my end. If I send you a friend request and you deny it chances are I won't try again unless I forget that I tried already.

Below are some OCs I have created and canon characters I’ve played/am willing to play with preferred genres by them! “Romance” means characters can develop a relationship over time and with the right chemistry. None of mine will fall in love with yours right away, even if they flirt. I do have male OCs but am more comfortable playing females.

Vitra [Superhero, Sci-Fi, Romance, Crossover]:

Veida [Horror, Supernatural, Sci-Fi, Romance, Crossover]:

Mia [Horror, Fantasy, Romance, Superhero Crossover]:

Monarch [Superhero, Sci-Fi, Romance, Crossover]:

Kionah [Sci-Fi, Action, Pokémon]:

Nephilim [Sci-Fi, Action, Horror, Supernatural, Romance(?), Crossover]:

Brim [Supernatural, Horror, Sci-Fi, Romance, Crossover]:

Dorian (a Satellite City OC, someone is drawing her for me but the picture hasn’t been completed yet) [Horror, Action, Adventure, Crossover, Psychological, Distorted Romance]

E-1265 (Key) [Sci-Fi, Horror, Gore, Crossover, Romance, Action, Adventure]:

Canon Characters!
Amaterasu, Rao, Brush Gods [Okami]

Nadia Fortune, Peacok (I know there should be a “c” but when I add it the word gets censored which is pretty ridiculous) Squiggly, Eliza [Skullgirls]

Fem! Robin [Fire Emblem: Awakening]

Clairen [Rivals of Aether]

Lea [Crosscode]

Flower, Ruko, Dex, Daina [Vocaloid/Utau]

Ori [Ori and the Blind Forest]

Niko [Oneshot]

Black Rock Shooter, Dead Master, Chariot, Strength, Black Gold Saw [Black Rock Shooter, all universes except for the game]

Minerva the Steampunker [Terraria]

Calamitas [Terraria: Calamity Mod] (my poor witch child deserves better)

Kaede/Lucy/Nyu, Nana, Mariko [Elfen Lied]

Latest Status

Am I adding the Chaos Witch Calamitas to my character roster? Yes. Yes I am.

I love that bullet hell of a boss way too much. I especially love this rendition of her.
0  Sep 16th 2020 16:37

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