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(Ryan Caldwell)
37 / Male / Engaged
Knoxville , Tennessee - United States
∆ Ryan Francis Caldwell is 37 years old CEO of the Caldwell oil refinery. Like the only son Ryan had to abandon his real plans he had with his life and when he came back home from the army he overtook the chair of the company.

∆ Years ago, like a part of the army, Caldwell was among the best aircraft pilots in the country. Unfortunately, an accident came to his life and his left eye was injured. ( Today he can use only 65 percent of it. He is lucky , it looks normal and he doesn't have to wear a pirate tape over eye.)

∆ Like a young man he was married. Because he is hard to handle, hot head , unstable and unpredictable: his ex wife ran away from him : twice. First time he tried to save the situation, second time he said : f*** off, I am not interested. Together they have a son : Dylan Caldwell. The boy was born , but he was kidnapped like a newborn, from the hospital. Ryan and his ex tried to find him, but they wasn't successful. 14 years ago, his investigators found a clue and he could find his son. Like a family they came back to Knoxville, but the happiness didn't last too long. Second time , Ryan's ex ran away with their boy and since this moment, Caldwell didn't see them. ( in nowadays: Dylan is 16 )

∆ Since he is a divorced man, he changed alot. Ryan wasn't perfect, sweet and capable of sticky love. He was always a very stubborn man, independent and it was impossible to handle his moods. Things fell to sh*ts when he become a divorced man.

Character features :

∆ Stubborn head
∆ Independent
∆ Hot head
∆ Cruel
∆ Abusive
∆ Bloodthirsty
∆ Egomaniac
∆ Sick minds
∆ Black humour
∆ Without respect
∆ Rude mouth
∆ Drunkard
∆ Smoker
∆ Sarcastic a**hole

Well, a psychologist would say much more , but let's keep it as friendly, light and colorful as possible !

∆ Today, he is a happily taken man. Ryan is ∆∆ ENGAGED ∆∆ Victoria Maria Veracruz became a part of the company when she was young, full of ideals and dreams. Soon she understood the company is everything but legal. Many employees, lawyers, ran away. Nobody was brave enough to face the real weight of the mafia world , people were afraid to face Ryan too. Surviving his moods can be extremely exhausting and not too many people survived the very first week. Victoria did and she stole his heart. Forever. Even when she still has all ten reasons why to kick his balls, like a soon to be wife, like a soon to be mommy of their first child, lady Veracruz Caldwell never left him and trust me : he tried her limits. Many times.

∆ Funny facts :

× Ryan is Christian.
Well know ×Wandering Jew× from London- Alfie Solomon ( Peaky blinders series ) , is sharing the same blood line with the Knoxville lion. Many people say those two have a lot in common, but he didn't like to talk about it. Usually Ryan keep it as a secret and only few very close souls can get this story from him.

×He has plenty of phobias
If we don't count the spiders and clowns, he is absolutely afraid of the doctor appointments. Stomatologist or his personal doctor : Doctor Alfonso Stencil aka doc Sten : it's a nightmare! He has no problem to send a bullet to your head and in his life he saw gallons of blood : as long as it's not his own blood, he is safe and sound ! Watch his own blood, easily he can fall unconscious. Seriously.

×Like a teenager, he was an ice hockey player
And he could hit the top! His not too tall body allowed him to be fast and stabile on the skates. Straightforward and ambitious character helped him to gave many unforgettable goals. Ryan wanted to continue in his dreams, unfortunately : daddy Caldwell had other plans and like the only son, he had to obey.

×He hates to be the CEO
Many people dream about his life. To be the CEO: the head of the company, a man in front lines, rich, influential, successful. Other men are afraid of him, women wants him. That's what he always get from people around him.

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