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(Alexa Bliss)
24 / Female / In Love
Los Angeles, California - United States
The names alexa bliss. Love me or hate me I dont care what I care about is being the best. I''m bisexual but more into women than I am I to men. Im a very detailed and creative roleplayer dont like my stories theres the unfriend button. Im a 5x Womens Champion and the Goddess of Wwe. Feel free to message me at anytime. Friendly reminder I dont tolerate drama dont bring that sh*t to my page or else you'll be blocked thx

-Lexii ❤

My Match Made in Heaven @RebelBella

My bestfriend for life shes a brat @BigBadRed

Latest Questions

Q. "last week, you asked to "walk with elias." what makes you think elias has what it takes to "walk with the goddess?"
A. He doesnt lol
 Sep 10th 2018 21:19

RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Indeed I did
 Sep 9th 2018 14:29

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Thank you for accepting me
Sep 10th 2018 14:33

M'k Baby. Im just fixing my friends list
Sep 9th 2018 15:20