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(Ben Drowned)
22 / Male / Single
The Mansion, United States
► You met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?

Latest Status

Where is everyone I’m so bored
3  May 18th 2019 16:49

Latest Questions

sharkboy asked the question
Q. Am I a good boy? ^-^
A. Your a very good boy
 May 17th 2019 00:54

Q. ''Ben...Can you torture me?''
A. Ughhhhh
 May 14th 2019 18:55

Latest Comments

May 18th 2019 02:49

May 10th 2019 14:32

"Do not listen to her! She has told EJ a bunch of lies about us and now he has joined Zalgo!"
Apr 30th 2019 20:37

"Ben...crap has hit the fan but I just came to pre-warn you...if that crazy psycho clown by the name of Jill finds you, stay the hell away from her!"
Apr 30th 2019 20:34

Benny! Wedding! Now!
Apr 29th 2019 18:17

" Well, I challenge you to Tetris!!! "
-she threw her fist in the air-
Apr 24th 2019 07:25

" How is our favorite gamer boy?? "
-she smiles brightly-
Apr 23rd 2019 19:13

-a girl snuck up behind BEN and tapped him on the shoulder-
" Hey there! "
Apr 23rd 2019 19:06

Apr 22nd 2019 20:58

She brushed a strand a hair away from her eyes and just heaved a sigh. "Whatever, Ben." She gets up and starting heading back for the mansion.
Apr 20th 2019 18:27