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"I am very much alive, but I have more adventuring to do before my return!"
7  Apr 13th 2021 15:48

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Q. "Umm Thor can we talk if you aren't too busy?"
A. "Indeed, my door is always open."
 Mar 22nd 2021 17:13

OKTOBER asked the question
Q. "So you got room for roughly 150 refugees?"
A. "We'll make it work, I assure you."
 Mar 20th 2021 17:48

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Hey big guy! Thank you for adding me! I'm still getting used to the changes to the site so if I'm sorry if I take a bit to reply. I've been gone for over a year and this is a brand new character for me! I am of course not in character at the moment since Laura isn't the most chatty but I look forward to getting to know you!
Mar 9th 2021 23:40

Hey gorgeous
Mar 5th 2021 21:29