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Octosi's Blog

Arronax Octosi

Name: Arronax Octosi
nickname: Arron, Nax, Blondie
Gender: Male
Age: 23
D.O.B. March, 8th
Species: Human
Nationality: German
Height: 6ft
Weight: 145
Hair: Black natural, Blonde dyed
Eye: blue
Sexuality: Homosexual
Likes: What he does as a job, Parks, Nature, Movies
Dislikes: The way his family treats one another
Fears: That he will never find love due to his profession
Quirks: Arronax likes to keep his hair blonde to separate himself from his twin Aralon, He is very forward and has no filters
Personality: Arronax being twins with Aralon, is but a few minutes older than his twin, making him the middle child of the brothers, He often watched as Aralon and Aevious got into arguments and how Aralon was treated by his stepmother, This caused a lot of tension in their family which led all three brothers down different roads of life. Arronax took himself and went into Adult Films to make money, He enjoys his line of work as he is no stranger to his looks and has no qualms with showing off his body, despite knowing that this would cause him to most likely end up without anyone who would put up with such a profession from their partner
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Aevious Octosi

Name: Aevious Octosi
nickname: None
Gender: Male
Age: 28
D.O.B. July 3rd
Species: Human
Nationality: German
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Weight: 150
Hair: light brown
Eye: blue
Sexuality: Bisexual(Female lean)
Likes: Military work, piloting aircraft
Dislikes: Laziness, His youngest brother.
Quirks: Aevious has PTSD from active combat where his aircraft was shot down and all of his passengers were killed in the crash besides him.
Personality: Aevious is a military man through and through, Being respectful and on time is part of his daily life.
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Aralon Octosi

Name: Aralon Octosi
nickname: Vi
Gender: Male
Age: 23
D.O.B. March, 8th
Species: Human
Nationality: German
Height: 6ft
Weight: 150
Hair: Black
Eye: Blue
Sexuality: Bisexual(male lean)
Likes: Reading, Teaching, Traveling
Dislikes: His family.
Quirks: Often adjusts his tie
Personality: Aralon is a secluded individual, preferring to keep to himself rather than deal with other people. He can come off as rude at first but also has a fierce loyalty to him when he does grow attached to someone
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Cyrus Blackwell

Name: Cryus Blackwell
nickname: None at the moment
Gender: Male
Age: 179
D.O.B. January 14th, 1840
Species: Vampire
Nationality: English
Height: 6'7"
Hair: Black medium length that he keeps styled back neatly
Eye: Yellowish gold colored
Sexuality: Bisexual
Likes: Reading, Poems, Plays, Landscapes, The sunset(Although he cannot actually view it without injury)
Dislikes: Other supernatural beings, Rude individuals,
Fears: The Sun, Losing control over his hunger, failing to find the Vampire who sired him.
Quirks: Tends to stick to the back of rooms and will often adjust his tie or hood depending time of the day, Has a habit of adjusting items in a room to be cleaner or look more appealing
Family: None
Cyrus tends to be a loner and likes to avoid others, although if he is forced to interact with someone he will remain polite and orderly. However he has a terrible anger and can get lost in it. He carries a lot of sadness over the loss of his siblings whom he was taking care of when he was still human, This translates into his dislike for supernatural beings who attack people.
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Vax Octosi

Name: Vax Octosi
nickname: Nerd
Gender: Male
Age: 23
D.O.B. April 2nd
Species: Human
Height: 5' 6"
Hair: Black and messy and long
Eye: Black
Sexuality: Homosexual
Likes: Science, Space, Reading, Superhero movies/comics
Dislikes: Annoying people, Bullies, Conflict
Fears: His abusive ex
Quirks: tends to not stop moving his hands.
Family: His grandfather is the only living member of his family
Personality: Vax is a quiet person, who likes to stay within the world of a book or experimenting on things for science! He feels most at peace with his safety googles and gloves on in the lab. He also loves to read about space missions and the things involving space in general.
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