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(V Octosi)
20 / Male / Single
Connecticut - United States
Hey, Im Vax. Though thats nothin new! Ive been on this site before but i wanted to give a chance to breathe new life into my account! Ill be moving all my characters and maybe a few rps over to here but im always up for new ones!
I have a discord that i sometimes rp on as well.
Im not always on, I leave the site open a lot.
Furthermore i will be promptly sticking to a check in once every 5 day rule with my partners, If i do not get a response but see that my partners are indeed logging on past the date of this check in i will be ONLY removing them, If they wish to refriend me ill give anyone a shot, but do it again and its a permanent removal-

I can rp a lot of things, you just need to let me know what you want and we can discuss it! Im open to romance rps with both genders though i do lean towards Men more than woman.

Also my main man and one of my all time favorite people to chat with has to be @Caustic and he shall protect me

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Hope your doing well :P
Aug 1st 2020 11:57

I love you bitch!!!! I ain’t never gonna stop loving you biiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!
Jul 19th 2020 23:07

Everything okay?
Jun 12th 2020 20:33

Can’t wait to start love <3
May 18th 2020 22:48

Hope you are doing well during the pandemic
Mar 30th 2020 23:38

Hope your holding up well
Mar 20th 2020 23:31

Happy holidays
Dec 16th 2019 14:26

Time will only tell
Nov 7th 2019 00:13

Good chance she’s tired from the meds,but I’m sure she’ll get better
Nov 7th 2019 00:12

Hope the pet is doing okay
Nov 6th 2019 23:52