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Latest Questions

Q. Don't be such a crybaby
A. i like to cry :|
 Jul 23rd 2021 17:46

404 asked the question
Q. Did your mom cut your hair?
A. i kinda hate it too don’t worry
 Jul 19th 2021 02:16

Latest Comments

Jul 29th 2021 04:01

huh? oh-
you don't needa fight anyone. not that bad.
i've taken to punching walls instead of people for now.
Jul 21st 2021 19:52

some people can be annoying.
Jul 21st 2021 19:51

how about in person?
Jul 19th 2021 17:37

ah. i'd rather not embarrass myself by spouting unwanted poetry on your profile, haha.
Jul 19th 2021 16:43

the 'pretty' things i would say probably won't fit what you're looking for.
Jul 19th 2021 16:36

like a poem, you mean?
Jul 19th 2021 16:33

thankful for that :)
Jul 19th 2021 16:26

japan was gorgeous. i've never felt more at peace than when i was there.

i'll gladly teach you everything i know about poetry, if you'd listen.
Jul 19th 2021 16:14

one of my passions.
i once planned a whole trip to japan by myself to meet one of my favorite poets.
that was a long time ago, it feels. but it created fond memories.
Jul 19th 2021 16:09