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(Arataki Itto)
23 / Male / Single
Inazuma - Japan
『I'm the head honcho of the Arataki Gang, and everyone knows my name...s. Names, I have many.』

Welcome to my side of the internet! You can call me "The One and Oni" Itto! Or Itto for short. I hope to find fellow Genshin roleplayers so we can craft fun stories! If I had to name the people I'm most excited for... I'd say Shinobu, the Traveler, and maybe even the Kujou Chicken! Er... Tengu.

Anyways! Send a message if you can play a Genshin character, and I'll do my best to respond! And one last thing! I know it's a bit weird, but even the Arataki Gang has rules, so make sure you follow them! You can find my rules and ships in my blog!

@ElectricLaw Good old Kuki Shinobu! Our very own Arataki Gang Deputy! She's super reliable and a great roleplayer too!

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