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(Call me Nox)
100 / Female / Single
Yes, New Caledonia - France
"Important" thingies:

Rules are in my blog officially now! Though those are more facts about my way of roleplaying than actual rules.

I'm here mostly to roleplay, but I am also more than open to just talk, about whatever you'd like.

Also this is very important but if you see me in the "stalkers" thing on the site, know that I probably found your profile interesting but I was too shy to add you. Yep that's about it. So if you saw me in your stalkers and are interested, please feel free to add me, it would be epic haha... *nervous fingerguns*

Please note that I roleplay in third person, past tense, and that I write like they write in books, like this:
"What the hell man?" She looked at her friend with a completely puzzled expression.

So uhh yeah, that's how I roleplay, I only use the *asterisks* for small stuff out of roleplay, mostly with my friends or when I write stuff here, in my statuses, or my blog.

Please excuse my mistakes, I might make some typos because I'm trying to write fast to get all my replies done, and on a phone with a small keyboard sometimes it can get problematic, especially when the autocorrect tries to fix my mistakes but makes them even worse instead. English also isn't my first language so please bear with that, my grammar might not be always 100% correct.

I can do romance, I even actually enjoy it, but of course there has to be an actual plot around it. I also don't do straight up sm*t like that, once again it has to go along if the story leads to it at some point. More info about this on my blog.

Sometimes it might take me a while to reply because of real life things like school, I might be struggling with writer's blocks too. If I have to go for several days I'll let you all know. If I don't warn you it means I didn't know I would have to go away for a while.

Hope this isn't a big problem. If, however, it is an issue for you, then I understand completely, and I won't take offense if you decide to remove me from your friends list.

Latest Questions

Brendan asked the question
Q. U alive
A. Nah bro I died
 Dec 2nd 2020 09:15

Brendan asked the question
Q. Hey long time no see
A. Hey yes it's been a while
 Nov 16th 2020 15:44

Latest Comments

Hey buddy! Long time no see! Hope you’re ok. I wanted to ask if you are free to continue the RP?
Oct 19th 2021 22:14

Oct 2nd 2021 00:22

It’s nothing! I go in every 7 weeks for a infusion of Remicade, I’ll be fine. I’m heading to bed now, but I promise I’ll reply to the RP when I wake up. :)
Aug 11th 2021 23:03

Quick heads up, I may not be online at all tomorrow, going to the hospital. :(
Aug 11th 2021 22:04

Just gotta say, you’re my absolute favorite! Plus, you’re a awesome friend too! ^_^
Jul 19th 2021 15:57

Well, I'm sorry for not replying and sh*t. Because I forget you are my friend. But everytime so far, it's been the 30th everytime I look at your profile it's a big word that starts with a c lol
May 30th 2021 17:23

It's always the 30th when I check your profile? Luck. Or are you a time bender-
May 30th 2021 09:01

Yeah I knew I was missing something, well I don't think it is because this year just started.
Mar 30th 2021 17:15

You joined, March 30th of 2018!
And it's 2021 that's 2 years. and it is march 30th.
Mar 30th 2021 17:11

Nox! It's march the 30th. 2 years
Mar 30th 2021 17:07