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(Jack Karma, Nova, whatever really)
15 / Male / Single
Hell, Canada
******************Taking a small break due to so much going on*****************

This is a gore/horror profile if you dont like that type of thing I dont recommend adding me

Hey, I'm Jack, I'm 14, like just turned 14

I like all things horror related, so feel free to ask about gore roleplays and that kind of stuff.

I am bisexual but have a lean towards guys. Happy pride month everyone

I'm a lover of stars, video games, reading, anime, and all things horror.

I have a soft spot for cute roleplays, but also have a place in my heart for NSFW things like gore and 18+ stuff.

@Diet_Communism is my dad lol

I am a pretty nice person most of the time, but then again I can be kinda a bitch when I'm in a bad mood, but that's not very often.

I'm a busy human, I have school and Taekwondo, plus I have gaming club after school some days. Which means I won't be on 24/7

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Q. hello bud? sorry if im bothering you
A. Ack! Sorry just been really busy.
 May 8th 2018 19:05

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